Insulated Hydration Backpack Bladder Water Cooler Bag Camel Pack Launched

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( — June 10, 2020) — With the country reopening and the summer months approaching, outdoor gear company FREEMOVE launches an insulated hydration backpack that helps athletes and outdoorsmen avoid dehydration.

FREEMOVE, an outdoor gear company, recently launched an insulated hydration backpack, warning that athletes and outdoor enthusiasts face a greater risk for dehydration. The word of caution comes as the country reopens during the summer months, prompting many to venture outside to exercise or explore the wilderness for the first time in months.

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FREEMOVE says that special attention must be paid to one’s hydration. In line with this, the company has launched a new insulated hydration backpack that can keep drinks cold for up to five hours, which can help active people stay cool and hydrated outdoors.

The company says that doing outdoor activities greatly hastens sweating because people are exposed to the heat of the sun while also doing strenuous activities. Left unchecked, this could lead to rapid water loss in the body or dehydration.

At best, dehydration can decrease athletic performance. At worst, however, severe dehydration can have dire health consequences, such as kidney damage, seizures, blood pressure spikes, and heat stroke.

Unlike most water flasks, the newly released hydration backpack can hold two liters of liquids, making it especially suited for prolonged outdoor activities. It also has an easily accessible drinking tube so that people can easily hydrate themselves at the first sign of thirst.

To further prevent dehydration, the pack is lightweight and has a system that minimizes sweating when worn. The company says it is ideal for sports that require constant hydration, such as biking, running, or hiking.

A representative from FREEMOVE said: “People are eager to be active outdoors again, but they shouldn’t discount the effects of dehydration during the hot summer months. Not only can it hamper physical performance, it can also be fatal in severe cases. Having proper hydration gear can really lower the risk of being dehydrated.”

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