UTI-Fighting Cranberry Now Found to Fight Diabetes

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(Newswire.net — June 22, 2020) Orlando, FL — Infections like UTIs continue to affect millions of people around the globe. It is important to realize that this type of infection is treatable and may even preventable. 

According to researchers, it won’t lead in complications when treated properly and promptly. However when not addressed on time, it could have serious health consequences and these include recurrent infections. 

It may also result in permanent kidney damage due to acute or chronic kidney infection. In pregnant women, it increases the odds of low birth weight or premature infants. Experts further warn against urethral narrowing, which usually happens in men. One of the scariest complications of UTIs is sepsis, which is potentially life-threatening.

Cranberries are a popular UTI-fighting remedy, and the most commonly grown species is the North American cranberry. 

Cranberries usually have sour and sharp taste, and are rarely consumed raw. This type of berry is popularized widely by its therapeutic compounds scientifically found helpful in battling with urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

One of the active agents it contains found to combat UTIs is D-mannose, which is resorted to by many sufferers of the infection. Aside from having this therapeutic sugar called D-mannose, these berries also have vitamins and minerals that could produce various healing benefits.

It is interesting to note that cranberries do not just fight UTIs, but also some diseases including diabetes. This type of berry is widely researched on due to its strong medicinal values. 

According to experts, cranberries are considered to be one of the lowest-sugar fruits. As a matter of fact, it only contains four grams per cup of whole berries. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it has high fiber levels, and combined with reduce sugar its intake won’t cause a spike on blood glucose. 

Researchers found that cranberries contain manganese, which is a mineral that aids in controlling levels of blood sugar. 

A small 2012 study was published in the Journal of research in Medicinal Science.

In this study, it has been found intake of one cup of cranberry juice on a daily basis aided in the regulation of blood sugar in type 2 diabetic male patients. 

More studies are still underway to learn more about the diabetes-fighting potentials of this remedy.

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