Research Reveals Biggest Threat to Aging, Osteoarthritic Athletes

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( — June 23, 2020) Orlando, FL — Being an athlete and undergoing the aging process are elements that increase the likelihood of osteoarthritis.

Today, there are many aging athletes who struggle from the consequences of having the condition. There are even those who end up giving up their most-loved sport or get medical treatment. 

Health authorities warn that it is inactivity and not the aging process that is in reality the biggest threat to the health of aging athletes. 

In previous multiple studies, physical inactivity has long been recognized to be a contributing factor in the onset and progression of osteoarthritis. 

Stanford doctors reveal that weight-bearing stress on the joint as well as mobilization is in itself a self-reparative mechanism.

Aging, osteoarthritic athletes are strongly advised to engage in low-impact physical activities like swimming or cycling. It is worth stressing that in previous multiple studies, exercise has long been identified to exert varying mechanisms in fighting osteoarthritis symptoms.

Today, many individuals with this condition rely on the use of medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This type of medication is widely resorted to and is known to temporarily ease pain and other symptoms.

However, it is also worth remembering that they could lead in adverse effects.

Osteoarthritis is also remedied via the use of some safer, all-natural alternatives like glucosamine. This natural healing ingredient could work wonders in protecting, repairing, and enhancing the joint cartilage.

There are actually many bodybuilders and athletes who resort to glucosamine supplementation. They do this in an effort to decrease joint pain linked with extreme physical training and heavy lifting.

Glucosamine is also popularly resorted to by individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis. This natural arthritis-fighting compound may be useful in repairing damaged joint cartilage, which is what usually happens in cases of osteoarthritis.

A wide range of supplement options are available in the market today, and one to consider using is Divine Bounty Glucosamine.

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