How Does the Casino Make Money?

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( — June 19, 2020) — Casinos are business houses, and their purpose is to make money. No doubt they offer you an opportunity to make your money, but they use various methods to make money. In short, the house always takes something for its pocket. Whether it is an online casino or offline, the central idea is the same. The gaming revenue in the US is at an all-time high at $41.7 billion in 2018. This is rising to new heights as more and more casinos are popping up. In territories like Macau, the revenue generated is more than 60% of the economy.

The Handle:

The handle is an important part of the casino business. It is the way that earns casinos their share of the money. This is the total amount of money that is on the table in the form of bets. The handle is either cash or chips but most in the majority of the casinos, chips are used. The player either loses or wins. 

Factors that influence:

The handle can be different in many games like Poker because it has a high house edge. The money for the house is more on the table. The handle is mostly centered around the average bet, time spent, and capacity use than the money you have wagered and if the players are few, the profit or loss is few. To play at a table, you must be eligible. There are table rules that constitute how much you are allowed to bet. The casino wants to make a certain cut from every bet but with online casinos like, you will not face such issues. 

House Edge:

The casino has a statistical advantage over the games and it gets a high edge over some of the games. Though there is a share that the house earns from every game, some of them have more than the others. This is because there is more money in the house on the table. This is one source where the casino earns the money. Roulette is one such example that has 0 and 00. The house edge is 5.2% the casino will win 20% of the money. This means if $100 is in the game, $20 will go to the casino. The player makes the bet based on various understanding and also looking for a game that has a lower edge is good. In the process of the game, they either lose or make some money, but in all cases, the casino takes its share of the



These are the privileges that are offered to new players or part of regular promotions. They are based on the players betting habits and can also be offered to new players. They are in the form of certain perks or gifts. Players who spend a lot of money on the site get the comps also. Comps are more beneficial to casinos than the player given that they need the player to be on the platform for a long period, this means there are higher chances of him wagering more money and elevating the chances of either losing and winning. The number of money casinos make and the ratio is much higher. It has increased in recent years, due to technological advancements in the industry.

How to play wisely?

Even though there are shares that need to be cut with the casino, a player can still have his profit. No doubt there is the house edge, but you can work that to your advantage by following the healthy ways of playing. Find a game that has a low house edge like poker and also a casino that offers you more benefits. The perks you receive are meant to attract you, but they can also help you in the short game, but make sure that you read the conditions properly. Only when you have understood, can you go ahead.


The casino makes money through every game and activity that it facilitates in its vicinity. Even though the purpose is business, they also take steps and give out privileges to customers to increase satisfaction. This can help gamblers to work up their game and apply it to boost the situation they are in.