House Hacking Case Study Podcast Real Estate Investing Tips Launched

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( — June 26, 2020) — Riverside, CA — The company that produced The House Hacking Podcast launches a new series featuring case studies of individuals on their way to achieving financial independence through smarter housing choices.

FI by REI, the company behind The House Hacking Podcast, launches a new weekly series on house hackers from various places. Their first ever episode features the case study of a couple living in Riverside, California.

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The newly launched series’ initial episode shows how Anthony, an instrument technician working at a wastewater facility, was able to successfully pull off multiple house hacking plans. Together with his wife Stephany, Anthony uses the house hacking techniques he learned over the years as he comes closer to achieving financial independence.

The episode talks about how Anthony discovered the concept of house hacking through a workmate, and what circumstance led them to trying out the idea. It also covers the details of the projects he has been undertaking since he started a few years ago, as well as the challenges he encountered along the way.

To inspire the podcast’s listeners, FI by REI also provides a peak into the financial aspects of the projects, including how much investment the units required, what the couple did to raise the funds, and how much income they are getting now from the rentals.

Founded in 2018, FI by REI was established with the goal of assisting individuals in achieving financial independence through real estate investing. One of the ways the company is doing this is through the The House Hacking Podcast.

As the show’s title implies, it is dedicated exclusively to promoting the concept of house hacking and how it can help homeowners realize many of their financial goals. Done properly, the practice enables homeowners to reduce, if not totally eliminate, their housing costs simply by being creative with their housing choices.

With more than 20 episodes, the first season of the podcast is now accessible through FI by REI’s website, along with the fresh episodes of the new case studies series.

Interested parties may click on the link above to start listening to the web-based show.