Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Webinars And Cloud Computing Announced

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( — June 29, 2020) — A sourcing advisory firm announces a series of free online-based seminars every Tuesday discussing how businesses can emerge successful in these trying times with the help of various technologies.

Business advisory firm Technology Source announces a series of webinars for businesses looking for ways to recover from and thrive in the current economy. Offered for free, the virtual seminars are held every Tuesday morning, and are attended primarily by company CEOs, CIOs, presidents, IT directors, as well as small business owners.

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The newly announced webinars feature a new speaker and subject for every session each week, offering company leaders more opportunities to learn how they can make technology work for their business advantage and stay ahead of competition.

Some of the topics recently covered are how to buy wholesale, how businesses can save money on their disaster recovery plan by employing a business continuity strategy, and how enabling SMS on toll free numbers can help customer service agents assist multiple customers at a time, effectively cutting costs for the company and wait times for the customers.

As a reliable partner for sourcing technology products and services, Technology Source has also provided insights on the best options among unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers.

To help their clients navigate the challenges brought about by the ongoing global health crisis, the sourcing firm is also holding free consulting webinars focused on business growth and recovery during the time of the pandemic.

The topics being covered include business continuity, disaster recovery, cloud computing, cloud-based phone systems, SaaS, VDI Virtual Desktops, and desktops as a service. In keeping with the firm’s mission, they also teach attendees how to use technology to save money and how to buy at wholesale prices, among other subjects.

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Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, and with additional offices in Franklin, TN, Atlanta, CA, and Jacksonville, FL, Technology Source specializes in providing its signature sourcing as a service solution, which enables businesses to access new technologies faster and easier than through going through the traditional RFP process. Their portfolio of more than 500 service providers includes trusted names in cyber security, cloud services, software, mobility, connectivity, and other technology solutions.

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