Childrens Play Clothing T-Shirt Water Stain Proof Easy Clean Odor Free Launched

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( — June 27, 2020) — A stain-resistant, waterproof, cotton, scientifically designed children’s T-Shirt has been launched for the summer. Parents may also go online and add a picture of their child to the shirt.

A new summer child’s stain-resistant t-shirt has been launched by The company specializes in working with the scientific community to bring new and innovative products that are designed to help child care providers with the tasks of child-rearing.

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This children’s stain-resistant t-shirt was launched after several research studies found that one of the main complaints of parents were having to change clothes several times a day. Children would be sent to play and come back with mud, ink, paint, oil, food, and more sometimes within minutes.

The designers of this anti-stain t-shirt believe child care providers should be able to dress their charges once and be done. This anti-stain children’s t-shirt accomplishes that goal. The launch of this children’s t-shirt was prompted to help parents and other caregivers around the world a tool to keep their children clean and neat.

The shirt has a high count of cotton material which makes it breathable, non-yellowing, and free of foul odors. The high elasticity of the fabric gives it plenty of stretches and form for all sized children aged 1-14. An advanced nano-process allows liquids to only adhere to the surface of the fabric.

This lotus leaf biometric technology then allows quick and simple cleaning. The designers have added actual silver to the fabric that provides an antibacterial strip that controls bacterial growth and reduces unpleasant odors.

The company has now hired a graphic designer to head up the newest addition to this unique garment. Child caretakers may now go to the company website and upload a picture of their child. Then will put that picture on the anti-stain t-shirt. This makes this t-shirt an excellent choice as a surprise gift for any child.

The material is elastic ice silk fabric and comes in white, gray, black, and blue. The short sleeve stain resistant t-shirt comes in an attractive and comfortable O-Neck style in a solid pattern. It is waterproof, antifouling, and breathable and is casual in style.

As summer progresses, the launch of the anti-stain t-shirt by is set to bring relief to child care provides around the world.

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