Gig Harbor WA Website Sales Callback Widget Automated Telesales System Launched

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( — June 29, 2020) — Gig Harbor, WA — RingBot, a Gig Harbor, WA-based software developer, launches its AI-powered automated call widget for websites that shortens callbacks to sales prospects to just 14 seconds.

Gig Harbor, WA-based software developer RingBot announces the launch of its AI-powered, automated call widget for websites. The widget initiates callbacks within 14 seconds of a user inputting their contact details, thereby dramatically increasing the likelihood of converting a site visitor into a paying customer.

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Despite the proliferation of digital marketing, traditional telesales remains a cornerstone of commerce. This is especially true for high-ticket items, as people typically wish to talk to a customer representative to inquire further about a product or service. Indeed, 92% of all customer interactions occur over the phone according to data from Salesforce.

But RingBot says that today’s customers demand a seamless and responsive experience. Research shows that 30-50% sales go to the vendor that responds first, highlighting the need for prompt response.

The company says its software makes it easy for potential customers to reach a sales agent by placing a widget on the website that can be clicked at any time by a visitor. Alternatively, artificial intelligence can prompt the widget to appear at crucial moments when the visitor is most interested or likely to make a call.

Once the visitor engages with the widget, they are prompted to enter their phone number. The system then automatically alerts the sales team, who are then prompted to call the prospect. By drastically shortening the time between a website visit and the callback, sales agents can connect with prospects at a time when their purchase intent is highest.

The widget is fully compatible with website platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, and ClickFunnels. RingBot also offers a free 14-day trial of its callback widget.

Zach Anderson, founder and CEO of RingBot says: “In marketing, you have to strike while the iron is hot. And with this new widget, we offer a solution that truly bridges the gap between marketing and sales.”

Ringbot is a software developer company that aims to modernize the telesales process by creating white-label software that connects customers with sales teams.

More information about the firm is available via the URL above.