DrainShroom Tub And Sink Auger Snake Drain Cleaning Clog Remover Launched

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(Newswire.net — July 9, 2020) — Juka Innovations Corporation dba The Shroom Company has launched DrainShroom, a bathtub and sink auger snake. The drain cleaning clog remover features an all-metal 3-foot snake and a universal sleeve for attachment to all types of motorized drills.

Juka Innovations Corporation dba The Shroom Company announced the launch of DrainShroom, an innovative tub and sink auger snake for drain cleaning. The drill-mounted drain clog removal kit features a 42-inch revolutionary coiled de-clogger with a universal quick-change shaft for easy snake replacement.

More information about DrainShroom is available at https://www.tubshroom.com

The New York-based drain declogging technology company has launched DrainShroom as a superior de-clogging alternative to conventional drain snakes. The product is designed for use in bathroom and kitchen sinks as well as bathtub drains that are up to 3 feet deep.

DrainShroom attaches to any power drill through a universal quick-change snake shaft and functions as a motorized snake. The DIY drain hair cleaning snake features an innovative coiled snake design that traps hair, lint, and other fibers.

The new DrainShroom electric drill-mounted drain hair clog removal auger snake is easy to use and replaces the need for toxic drain cleaning chemicals or expensive plumbers’ visits. DrainShroom is available with TubShroom, a drain lint strainer, and a hair trap device.

Visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YBRDV1B to buy DrainShroom online. The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes with a convenient storage pouch.

DrainShroom is available through Amazon to US and international customers.

According to a spokesperson for Juka Innovations Corporation, “We are excited to launch DrainShroom as a significant improvement over conventional drain snakes that have neither the reach nor the cleaning effectiveness of our new product. DrainShroom is affordable, effective, and a great DIY alternative to high plumbing bills.”

Juka Innovations Corporation is a specialty drain cleaning and drains protector product company based in Glen Cove, NY. Headed by Serge Karnegie and his wife Elena, the company is the manufacturer of several patent-pending products including TubShroom, SinkShroom, ToiletShroom, and ShowerShroom drain protectors.

For more information about the new DrainShroom drain protector, call 631-393-0986 or visit the URL above.