Rapid Non-Intrusive Test Kit Antibody COVID-19 Infection Packs Launched

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(Newswire.net — July 9, 2020) — A new, simple and effective testing kit for COVID-19 has been launched with an accuracy of 97.7% to 100%. It helps customers to determine whether they have the virus or have already recovered and developed antibodies.

A new high-quality COVID-19 antibody rapid test kit has been launched by Vantage Testing Solutions and is now available for immediate distribution. Each test kit, which looks similar to a home pregnancy test, uses fingerstick blood drops to determine if the subject has ever had the virus.

More information can be found at: https://covid.netimaster.com/rapid-test

The newly launched testing kit is fast, simple and non-intrusive. The results given will determine whether the user currently has the virus, or has already had it and is now in recovery.

One of the primary benefits of the new testing kit is that it doesn’t require mailing to the lab to get results. Instead, the tester reads them in person and it only takes 10 minutes to provide a result.

While previous tests have had a reputation for being unreliable, this newly launched testing kit provides accurate data. It has been validated with a specificity of 97.7% to 100%.

The tests have been designed to be used for rapid screening of carriers of the virus, determining symptomatic or asymptomatic results. This is an important development, because many recent studies have shown that a high percentage of patients show no clinical symptoms.

Although the test is ideally suited to hospital use, clinics and labs, it can be effectively deployed in any area where crowds are gathering. These include businesses, schools, airports, train stations, cruise ships, and other locations.

The serological antibody testing kits are available in bulk purchases of 25 kits or more and must be administered by a healthcare professional. Detailed videos are provided to ensure that customers utilize the tests as intended.

Testing in this way provides each person with reassurance and peace of mind. It can stop them worrying whether they have the virus or not, and let them know and understand their status as the pandemic continues throughout the year.

The team states: “We know that people who had the virus and have recovered, even those that were asymptomatic, may now have antibodies and these antibodies appear to provide at least some form of immunity. One of the keys to ending the lockdown and getting life back to normal is knowing who is contagious and who has antibodies and possible immunity.”

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