The Asigo System Program by Chris Munch and Jay Cruize Launch in July 23

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( — July 15, 2020) — A new online digital marketing product sales eStore and coaching program report has been launched. It covers the benefits of The Asigo System and how it can help entrepreneurs to succeed online.

Online Cosmos has announced a new evaluation guide to The Asigo System, a digital marketing services agency platform for entrepreneurs. It helps clients to build an automated digital marketing agency business without cold calls, emails, or 1-1 meetings.

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The newly launched guide explains that many entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible to get clients without emails, cold calls, or individual meetings. However, now it’s possible to sell digital Marketing services automatically through an Asigo System eStore.

The Asigo System is an online course and coaching program with eight weeks of live coaching. It is accessible to both new and inexperienced marketers, along with more experienced entrepreneurs.

Participants in the program get access to automated digital marketing services eStore system and pro-grade content creation and marketing. Full course support is also provided.

By taking part in the program, anyone can create and fully manage their own online eServices store. Businesses created can then use the proprietary content marketing solution to drive leads and convert more sales.

The marketing program has been created by Chris Munch and his business partner, Jay Cruiz. It’s a unique 5-step system designed to generate more profits and increase business revenue.

One of the main advantages of the new coaching program is that members don’t need to spend time learning Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or building an email list. It’s a fully integrated and automated system that can maximize both online presence, leads, and sales.

The four pillars of The Asigo System are training, application software, sales tools, and coaching. Essential training and coaching give users a head start in launching their online business. From there, mentors can guide them in every step.

Users can sign up to have their own eServices store fully created, and put their branding on quality digital services products. They can then sell seamlessly through simple eServices dropshipping and marketing processes.

Full details of the newly launched program can be found on the URL above.