How Do I Stop Bitcoin Spam Emails?

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( — July 20, 2020) — Bitcoin stands as the most used and preferred coin in cryptocurrency. Its popularity has increased its demand in the digital currency world, especially with new bitcoin lightning wallets that enable instant transactions. However, like other online transactions, bitcoin users also face challenges.

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Hacking and receiving spam emails is one of the typical troubles that bitcoin investors are experiencing. The unrequested and unwanted emails in one’s account make it inconvenient to run the report. Moreover, the message’s piling affects the general performance of the machine by making it slow, and triggers fear to the victims. 

Some of the mails are life-threatening and too scary to ignore. Familiarize yourself with the bitcoin scams and know how to get rid of them if you want protection for yourself and your finances. This article will enlighten you on how to stop bitcoin spam emails.

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Avoiding communicating with strangers

Stay away from inbound communications. Bitcoin has lots of users, and not all of them are there for legitimate investment purposes. Some have the aim of putting you down to benefit themselves. They’ll pretend they need help from you. Afterwards, they’ll use your services to obtain certain information about you without your knowledge. Avoiding to respond to strangers will minimize the attempts of emails from unknown persons. Your details will be less exposed, and you won’t get spams so much. 

Avoid accepting fishy services offered 

Most of the time you’ll get offers from services wanting to help you in specific ways such as resetting your password. Interacting with such platforms increases entries to your email accounts. Ensure it’s a legit organization before communicating with them. The only way to confirm the legitimacy is by forwarding the offer to the Bitcoin company, calling them on the telephone or looking at their social media accounts to know it’s true. This way, you’ll stop the communication early enough, thus reducing fake emails from coming in.

Avoid unsafe logins of websites or wrong software installations

At all costs avoid installing software or logging in an unknown website unless you have a full assurance that it’s real. Often you are required to enter your emails accounts and other information when installing something on your device. Be smart and provide the details only after being sure it’s not unreal. Fake websites may appear as sponsored results on search engines or advertised in apps of your phones. While on the internet, don’t click on sponsored links no matter how consistently they appear on your screen. Accepting the logins permits the websites to access and contact you. 

Avoid the unsubscribe links

If you get an, unsubscribe option from a platform you have never subscribed to, delete the email and do nothing else. Selecting the unsubscribing button exposes your email address to the spammers, and they’ll start sending you the spams on daily. 

Carefully check the address you are sending your bitcoin to

Hackers know how to play their game well in stealing from people. They can install software like malware in your device such that all the bitcoin is unknowingly sent to them instead of you. This is after they get access to your address while you were making your transactions. 

Report to the authorities

A Bitcoin email scammer will intimidate and threaten you to give what they want. This is both a scam and a criminal extortion attempt. Therefore, it should be reported immediately. Don’t get scared after having an encounter with the spammers. Instead, gain courage and report to, Internet security, local police, FBI and FTC. Make sure you don’t threaten the spammers back. Showing that you want to expose their tricks will make them use force to shut you up. And that might be dangerous. Play along while you wait for the authorities to do their part. 

Qualities of bitcoin spam emails?

Use of weird characters

The first thing you’ll notice is the wordings that don’t make any sense. Spammers use many combinations of letters that are difficult to read and understand. Seeing unrealistic words in your email notifications should raise the alarm even before you open it.

There is a sense of urgency

The spammers usually apply a rushing mode to their target to trick them into making a move fast. They’ll use powerful, intimidating words to scare the victims into giving them what they are demanding. For example, they may say ‘you better act now, or we’ll make your life a living hell” They do so to trigger panic.

Fake claims

They’ll claim to know your secrets and threaten to expose you to your friends, family and media. They’ll make it appear as if they have essential details that you are not willing to share with anyone. As much as these spammers may sound right, all their claims are lies. It can just be a coincidence that they have your old details, but it doesn’t mean they have access to your device.

The common bitcoin spam emails

  • Sextortion emails

Most of the bitcoin users have been receiving threats that their intimate images or videos will get revealed. They demand quick money claiming to release on media what they have. They boast that they have a track of the things you have been doing with your computer and other electronic devices. They make it real by sending you some of your old passwords that they got hold of. Even so, don’t allow their threats to make you do what they want. 

  • Frauds

Here the spammers offer great deals of bitcoin and ask you for a small amount of money to register. Please don’t fall for their trap, only accept offers from the real Bitcoin company. Such mails can make you provide crucial information that will result in the breaching of your Bitcoin account. 

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin is the greatest ground for investors in cryptocurrency. Its high position in digital currency has opened a broad platform for frauds and many other online insecurities. Spam emails are one of the things that come with using bitcoin. These mails are stoppable if you follow the tips mentioned in this article. Instead of panicking and responding to the spammers, stop the emails from coming in and report to authorities. Not related to bitcoin – Are you struggling with loans of finance decisions? Be sure of getting the much-needed help from Loan Advisor and compare the best rates.