Ways a Car Accident Impacts Your Mental Health

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(Newswire.net — July 20, 2020) — A car accident can result in bodily harm and injury. Often, we think of the physical damage caused in a car accident but neglect the mental effects. You can be physically, mentally, and emotionally injured in a car accident. Keep reading to find out ways a car accident impacts your mental health. 

Emotional Distress

The aftermath of a car accident includes both physical and mental recovery. Emotional distress is the anger or upset feelings that you may experience after a car accident. Emotional distress can occur even if you do not have a physical injury. 

Experiencing emotional distress as a result of a car accident can lead to anxiety and mood swings. It can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)and feelings of despair and anguish.

Nightmares and various sleeping issues can result from emotional distress. Other symptoms include being fearful, emotional withdrawal, and insomnia. These are only a few symptoms that can result from emotional distress. These symptoms can severely impact your life. 

The continuous interruptions from accident emotional distress can last a moment or lifetime. This is why it is important to seek help. A hit and run lawyer can help you navigate how to deal with both the physical and mental health impact of a car accident. 

What Mental Conditions Can Result from a Car Accident?

Everyone responds to trauma differently. Also, mental health issues may not reveal themselves immediately after a car accident. Some mental conditions can develop due to the impact of a car accident. Other times, there may not be an official diagnosis, but you can still suffer from mental health problems after a car accident. 

The most common mental health issue that occurs after a car accident is PTSD. Most times, PTSD does not occur alone. There is also heightened fear and anxiety. Other car accident PTSD symptoms include the following:

  • A fear of driving
  • Nightmares and constant bad memories of the car accident
  • Blackouts that can result from bad memories from the accident
  • Serious health conditions due to stress overload
  • Difficulty driving or riding in cars with others because of fear
  • Depression and sadness that can lead to withdrawals from family and society
  • Interrupted appetite and weight loss
  • Suicide attempts and other self-harming activities


Anxiety is a condition that can occur after a serious car accident. There are different levels of anxiety. Sometimes anxiety after an accident can last for months or years. The highest level of anxiety is usually experienced by victims of a car accident in the first month following the accident. 

Your daily life can be impacted by anxiety. The effects of anxiety after a car accident can include physical symptoms. Chest pain and heartaches are common symptoms associated with anxiety. Also, headaches and a feeling of dizziness can be caused by anxiety. 

Sleep disorders are also a common effect of anxiety. Due to a lack of sleep, you can also experience fatigue. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to additional health problems and concerns. 

Panic attacks can also be triggered by memories of a car accident. If you experience a sound, sight, or location of the accident it can lead to a panic attack. 

Getting Mental Health Help

Mental health conditions are serious. While you are searching for a hit and run lawyer, don’t forget to also seek medical attention. Remember, mental health problems may not be visible. A trained medical professional can better assist you in diagnosing your mental health problem.