London Proprietary Trading Strategies Professional Traders Live Stream Launched

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( — August 9, 2020) — London, UK — Axia Futures, a London-based trader training firm has launched a live stream of its daily trading floor as part of its premium content subscription. The live stream allows viewers to visit a live futures trading floor for free as part of a 14-day trial.

Axia Futures, a London-based trader training firm announced the launch of its professional traders live stream. Premium subscribers can now learn proprietary trading strategies, execution techniques, and market analysis methods live from the firm’s trading floor.

More information about Axia Futures and the live trading stream is available at

The London prop trading firm has launched its trading floor live stream with multiple livestream broadcasts throughout the day. A 14-day free trial subscription includes full access to live video feeds of futures day traders, proprietary trading drills other training resources.

Axia Futures live streams feature in-depth market analyses and teach viewers how to structure directional trade ideas based on volume profiles, set up price ladder executions, and manage order flow strategies. Trading floor live streams reinforce the firm’s acclaimed trader training programs.

Premium content subscribers can now watch professional traders in real-time, join end-of-trading-day debriefs, and understand how real traders make decisions in tight market situations. Live trading streams help aspiring traders understand market dynamics and the practical aspects of structuring deals before or after global economic or geopolitical events.

The London futures trading skill development company offers an 8-week Intensive Career Training program for new futures traders and stand-alone courses for established traders. Axia Futures offers a wide range of general and topical futures trading courses for beginners, intermediate-level, and advanced learners.

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According to a spokesperson for the London futures trading training company, “We are excited to offer live stream sessions from our London trading floor, giving you an inside look into professional futures trading from the comfort of your home.”

Axia Futures is a proprietary trading firm and trader training provider in London with a team of over 40 professional traders and instructors. The firm was founded in 2016 as a proprietary trading firm and diversified into financial education the following year. All traders are cleared by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) of the Financial Conduct Authority. The firm is risk managed by the FCT Group of Companies.

For more information about access to the London trading floor livestream, call +44-20-3880-8500 or visit the URL above.