IRS-Approved Cost Segregation Services Saves Commercial Building Owners Millions

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( — August 12, 2020) — Florida-based tax strategy consulting firm CostSeg America has launched IRS-approved tax planning and cost segregation services for commercial building owners. The firm is supported by in-house engineering teams and delivers accurate cost segregation services that maximize tax deductions.

CostSeg America announced the launch of IRS-approved tax planning and cost segregation services for commercial building owners. The Florida-based tax strategy consulting firm helps businesses and landlords improve cashflow, defer taxes, and benefit from accelerated depreciation.

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The Palm Beach commercial real estate tax consultants have launched cost segregation study services for commercial property owners and residential rental property owners across Florida.

According to the IRS, cost segregation studies are conducted to properly compute depreciation deductions. Cost segregation is an IRS-approved strategy that applies to buildings and other constructed assets. The level of detail in a cost segregation report allows businesses to list the maximum possible depreciation as an expense on their income tax and consequently, reduce their taxable income.

The CostSeg America team partners with commercial property owners looking to maximize depreciation. The firm works with a client’s CPA or accounting firm and uses a “Fully Engineered and Accounted” study format that accurately classifies assets using the most detailed engineering methods that account for every qualifying component.

The Palm Beach, FL-based commercial tax consultancy focuses on providing cost segregation reports that stand up to the most stringent IRS audit scrutiny with full audit protection. CostSeg America services accelerated depreciation allows property owners to benefit from higher tax deductions without waiting for decades. The firm is supported by its in-house engineering and inspection teams.

CostSeg America and its sister companies have successfully partnered with nationwide businesses including MGM Grand, McDonald’s, Hard Rock Casino, Office Depot, Marriott, Bellagio of Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood, The Claridge Hotel, and PGA.

According to a spokesperson for the commercial property tax-saving strategy consultants, “We offer our cost segregation tax strategy services to commercial property owners looking for opportunities to keep their businesses successful and take care of their families and hard-working employees during these uncertain times. Cost segregation is a legal and IRS-endorsed method to save money and keep it invested in the business.”

CostSeg America is a specialized tax strategy consulting firm based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, powered by ELB Consulting. The company’s cost segregation services apply to new constructions, acquired properties, build-outs, and remodeled properties.

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