Franklin Lakes NJ Cyber Security Expert Phishing Protection Service Updated

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A newly updated IT security and safety service has been launched by JMOR. They help to protect clients against phishing and malware through cutting-edge tech solutions.

JMOR has launched a newly updated security service for business clients looking to protect their systems and data in the ever-changing digital landscape. They explain that technology, like water and electricity, needs to be respected. Without due respect, it can be dangerous and pose problems for any business or individual.

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JMOR understands the challenges that come with running a day-to-day business and strive to provide clients with efficient and effective solutions to help them grow safely.

They offer a wide range of services designed to help clients run, maintain and fix their computers and networking systems. Their focus is on eliminating stress and concern over tech solutions and they help businesses to operate more smoothly.

Their services include IT support, firewall setup, technical relocation services, and custom-built tech solutions in New Jersey. In addition to this, they also offer cutting-edge network cyber security and internet safety services.

The team explains that in today’s world, whether someone is using their computer for leisure at home or on the road, data security and privacy are paramount. The right policies and procedures can detect and react to threats and new technologies as they emerge.

One of the major issues currently facing computer users across the country is fraud. In particular, phishing attempts are adapting to become more difficult to discern and simple emails are able to deploy malware to take over the computer in question.

Most phishing attempts come via email or text message, and an attempt will be made to trick the recipient into disclosing personal or confidential information. This could then be used by a hacker to steal their identity or access their bank account.

JMOR states: “Often times, systems are smart enough to block fraudulent email senders but they use a process called spoofing whereby the IP address of the sender is altered to one of a provider that is known to be safe to insure it passes most e-mail systems security.”

JMOR can help clients to stay safe and protect against phishing attempts and malware alike. Concerned parties are encouraged to get in touch by texting “ITsupport” to 888111.

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