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( — August 26, 2020) — Ancient Survival Guide announced that a new book by Claude Davis is now available for those looking to become self-sufficient. “The Lost Ways” provides the survival skills that are essential during disasters.

Ancient Survival Guide announced the launch of “The Lost Ways”, a new book written by Claude Davis. This book helps readers rediscover the secrets that their great grandparents lived by.

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Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency that enables people to withstand almost anything that man or nature can throw at them. The newly launched book by Claude Davis provides survival skills that are critical during a natural or man-made crisis.

Difficult times show the importance of being more reliant on proceeds from earth, land and home. Fortunately, anyone can become self-sufficient and ensure that their families are fed and safe regardless of circumstances.

Claude Davis has over 15 years of survivalist experience and understands the dangers of becoming too dependent on governmental entities. His book offers a comprehensive list of homesteading skills that will inspire readers to live off the grid.

Readers will learn how to safely collect and preserve water to keep themselves prepared in the event of a drought. They will also learn the right ways to prepare nutritionally dense foods that can last for years without refrigeration.

In addition, the book teaches readers the essentials of traditional cooking. It offers detailed information about building traditional smokehouses, making beer and survival bark bread, and others.

The book also explains how to use medicinal herbs to make pastes that can heal wounds and cure infections.

“The Lost Ways” includes the most important techniques that can help one survive any disaster, including economic crises, wars, famine, water-shortages, and many more. This book is ideal for those who want to become more self-sufficient and prepare themselves for coming disasters.

Ancient Survival Guide states: “Learn the Lost Ways of our ancestors and learn how to garden, process and store food for long term storage, identify plants that are safe to eat as well as plants that can be used to make a natural poultice. Learn how to be a self-sufficient homesteader and take care of your family.”

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