Pandemic Hardship Grant For Entrepreneurs New Support Network Launched

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A business development network for entrepreneurs to promote products and services has been launched. The Diamond Lab Preferred Partner Network has grants of 50% off its annual onboarding fee.

A new small business development network model for entrepreneurs to showcase their products, services, online courses, and membership programs has been launched. The Diamond Lab Preferred Partner Network offers support, advice, and guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs. Until September 30th, potential members can apply to secure a 50% pandemic hardship grant toward the annual onboarding fee.

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The newly launched network is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their businesses. The Diamond Lab Preferred Partner Network gives members premium access to a growing list of like-minded entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities and support.

Behind the network is the idea that it takes more than one person to build a business, regardless of how skilled they are. The Diamond Lab is committed to partnering with industry leaders and talented business owners who have a commitment to excellence. Arguably, this commitment is at the heart of every successful entrepreneur.

Joining the network can provide affordable brand visibility in targeted markets for business owners. Increasing visibility is important because it can help people increase their audience, sales, revenues, and profits. Niche businesses, products, and services also benefit from joining the program as it reduces competition and encourages cooperation.

As recent global events have demonstrated, people are increasingly turning to digital and online platforms in a bid to stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

With the latest announcement, The Diamond Lab Preferred Partner Network continues to invest in the development of high-quality resources for modern entrepreneurs and business owners.

A company spokesperson said: “Our mission is to make the resources entrepreneurs need affordable. Paying pesky monthly fees for various apps and tools can be difficult for micro-small businesses, especially if sales are low.”

“We do not charge a flat monthly fee. Instead, we use a commission-based model; therefore, you only pay when your product or service sells. The only upfront fee is the annual onboarding fee, which is currently open for pandemic hardship grant applications of 50% off,” they added.

To find out more or join today, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.