How to Choose and Hire Javascript Developers for Your Project?

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( — August 27, 2020) — When you are looking for your ideal JavaScript engineer, what skills and experience do you require from him to have besides knowing the JS basics? In this article, we gathered a couple of ideas for you on how to check JavaScript coders’ knowledge. What exact technologies should developers know to work on your project efficiently?

Do you need a mid or junior JS developer? Or a JavaScript expert? What should senior custom software developers know? Discover a list of must-know coding features that you ask candidates about when hiring JavaScript developers for your project. After you have checked their experience with version control, professional conduct, communication skills, or necessary coding abilities, time to proceed to JS coding features. 

Developers should the Core of JavaScript

To start, HTML and CSS expertise is vital for your software developers to be able to perform complex tasks. Depending on the project, it might require stylization and correct content display in different browsers and mobile devices.

A JavaScript developer should know the technology stack, UI design and style guide, and engineering methods. The core technology is a must for JavaScript development experts. This core includes the following:

  • JavaScript/ECMAScript Core
  • Strong knowledge HTML & CSS
  • Web API 
  • Core frameworks like Angular, React, Vue
  • Node.js for backend tasks
  • Desktop and mobile development
  • Query languages for data processing
  • Data visualization
  • Testing and QA

Every JS developer should know how to code in pure JavaScript without using libraries. Your ideal candidate would be familiar with the main JS features:

  • Closure
  • Hoisting
  • Prototypes
  • Promises
  • Understanding the scope
  • Concurrency model and the event loop
  • JSON
  • Memory management

Handling JavaScript Frameworks

Depending on your software development project you may look for a Mid or a Senior JavaScript engineer. 

A middle JavaScript developer can work effectively with the existing tools and frameworks on a project. If you hire a junior developer, verify if the candidate has good experience of working with your current tech stack. 

A JS expert must have extensive experience in coding and using frameworks and tools for app development projects. Senior developers know how to build user interfaces for mobile apps and how to produce reusable UI components. 

JavaScript experts also manage the Node.js for the development of real-time network applications and server-side programming 

A JavaScript expert or a tech lead knows how to work with the most popular Javascript frameworks. So, he/she will be able to select the most suitable one based on your software development project requirements.

Besides that, every custom software engineer must know how to debug code issues. JavaScript has a vast ecosystem of tools that enable coders to examine the app code and detect bugs.

More Essential Skills for a JavaScript engineer

Except mentioned above JavaScript development tools and features your ideal JS developer should be familiar with: 

  • Testing and automation tools 
  • Networking and HTTP-based APIs
  • Frameworks for structuring programs
  • Ability to work in the dedicated team
  • And have the ability of learning fast

Some software development projects will require visual representation with graphs, interactive data visualizations. Therefore, JavaScript experts should be comfortable with this kind of app development.

Final Word

Software development technologies are ever-changing, and JavaScript is a continuously evolving programming language, programmers should follow closely the latest trends of JS development, and keep an eye on new frameworks. 

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