Dallas TX Contact Lens Exams And Fittings Services As Foggy Glasses Fix

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A Dallas optometry clinic is offering custom contact lenses with innovative lens technology as a potential solution for people having problems with foggy glasses when wearing a face mask.

An optometry clinic in Dallas, Texas has offered its contact lens services to individuals who are having issues with foggy glasses while wearing a face mask during the pandemic.

More information is available at https://eyesnow.us

Eyes Now, the clinic, stated that because of the technological advancements made in contact lenses, it is now capable of fitting people who were unable to wear contact lenses in the past. This service is especially essential to those who are having problems doing their daily tasks with foggy glasses when wearing a face mask.

The issue of foggy glasses has been covered widely in mainstream media since the start of the pandemic, with numerous news outfits offering tips to prevent condensation, such as using shaving cream on the lenses or cleaning them with soapy water.

The clinic offers different types of contact lenses for patients with varying conditions. It has normal spherical contact lenses in monthly and daily formats, toric contact lenses for people with astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses for people with multiple prescriptions, scleral contact lenses for those having trouble wearing traditional lenses, and more.

Eyes Now also provides contact lenses designed for patients who have serious eye conditions.

The process of acquiring a pair of contact lenses begins with an eye exam, where the optometrist looks for conditions that may affect one’s ability to wear contacts comfortably. Afterwards, the patient goes through the fitting process, which measures the size and shape of the eye.

Contact lenses can be ready for use within two days or sometimes earlier.

Apart from frames and lenses, the clinic offers eye exams for adults, children, seniors, and diabetic patients. Furthermore, the clinic performs various specialty eye care services for dry eyes, myopia, cataracts, and other common eye diseases. Emergency care for eye injuries is also available.

Customers who purchase through Eyes Now are supporting a local veteran-owned business, in addition to being provided with competitive prices and benefits.

Prices of Eyes Now contact lenses are comparable to 1-800 Contacts, according to the clinic. They also offer price matching, free and fast shipping, manufacturer rebates, and the use of insurance benefits. Moreover, they sell lenses to all types of customers, whether they are patients or not.

Full details about contact lens exams and fittings can be found at the URL above.