Wellness Optimization Immune Physiology And Resilience Video Course Launched

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Rebel Health Tribe announced that The Wellness Optimization Series, a new health and wellness program, is now available for those looking to improve their immunity and overall health during these uncertain times.

Rebel Health Tribe announced the launch of The Wellness Optimization Series, a new video course focusing on optimizing health, immunity and wellness. This 9 module video series allows participants to learn from renowned doctors, researchers, and health practitioners.

More information can be found at https://rebelhealthtribe.com/wellness-optimization-series

The global health crisis and the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic have made many people turn their attention to the importance of a strong immune system. The newly launched Wellness Optimization Series at Rebel Health Tribe covers all aspects of health and wellness, from practical tips and suggestions to discussions on immune physiology and resilience.

During these uncertain times, The Wellness Optimization Series offers participants the opportunity to learn the essentials of staying safe and healthy. This course can help those interested in improving their immune system by learning from wellness coaches, doctors, researchers and health professionals with science-based expertise.

Throughout this video series, participants can learn from Maya Shetreat, MD simple and practical tips and suggestions for optimizing immunity, supporting healthy lungs and breathing, and reducing overall stress.

With the help of Brodie Welch, LAc, participants can discover the ways to increase resilience and build protective life energy from a Chinese Medicine perspective. They can also learn from functional health practitioner Michael McEvoy how to correct vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, as well as the most effective ways to naturally support resilience, and the basics of immune physiology.

In addition, The Wellness Optimization Series allows participants to learn from the experience of Miriam Rahav, MD. Dr Rahav has been treating patients in New York City and will share her own story, as well as the inspiring details around her clinic and how she successfully treated this current infection and other complex chronic illnesses.

The Wellness Optimization Series is normally $57 but is currently available without charge.

According to the official website of Rebel Health Tribe, “Our mission is to create a uniquely immersive experience connecting a worldwide community of like-minded users and content-creators, changing the current paradigm and inspiring greatness and abundant health in themselves and others.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.