Best Bruxism Solution Leads Industry in Sales, Popularity

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( — September 14, 2020) Norwalk, CT — The struggle of dealing with bruxism (jaw stiffness, headaches, worn-down teeth, earaches, etc.) is sometimes just as troublesome as seeking a solution to this all-too-common ailment. The Bite Tech Ora-GUARD® however, has provided consumers across the globe with one of the most cost-effective, comfortable, and reliable dental guard treatments ever. The result is instant relief that doesn’t cost dozens of expensive trips to a specialist’s clinic, nor does it require any prescription. The ease of acquiring an Ora-GUARD® coupled with the unparalleled effects has made it a tremendously successful product throughout 2020, and the minds behind its development do not expect to see a dip in sales any time soon. 

“Even before we launched Ora-GUARD® in 2017, we knew it would be well-received due to the incredible testing process it went through and the improved results we saw during every trial period,” Bite Tech CEO Jim Meyers says. “What we did not expect, however, was the rapid surge in popularity as consumers and the dental industry got a hold of it. The positive response has been overwhelming and we truly could not be more grateful.” 

The hard, yet very soft and comfortable wedge-like shape of the Ora-GUARD® dramatically relieves tension in the jaw by assisting in sliding the lower jaw down and forward. This movement also shields teeth from damaging each other. Better yet, the soft and secure grip built around the patented harder surface will not interfere with breathing while the wearer sleeps. And unlike other products that rely on soft surface barriers that keep teeth from grinding, the Ora-GUARD® does not break down, meaning it will last for years. Its strong surface design also ensures the teeth and jaws move naturally while it is being worn, so the TMJ muscles around the mouth won’t be sore after a full night’s use. In short, the Ora-GUARD®’s design places equal attention to comfort, durability, and results that competitive products almost universally lack. 

Even industry professionals are getting behind the Ora-GUARD®, and the product’s website is loaded with helpful information and testimonials discussing the benefits of the product, and how it can greatly improve the quality of life for those suffering from bruxism

To receive an Ora-GUARD®, customers can simply place an order on the product’s website at or by ordering one through their preferred dental care provider.

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