Capital Exits International Ltd Win The Al-2020 Worldwide Finance Award

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( — September 15, 2020) — Capital Exits International LTD is a company with a worldwide reach, made up of a small and highly skilled team that is driven by market research, buyer trends, and science. They have recently won the prestigious Al-2020 worldwide finance award, topping off a fantastic year for the boutique business broker. 

Acquisition International or AI as they are more commonly known launched in 2010 and their awards are seen as some of the most coveted awards in the business world. This represents a landmark moment for Capital Exits International Ltd. To win such an award a company has to excel in many facets. In this article, we will touch upon how this company has been able to achieve their success and learn a little more about what they stand for.

CEO, Mark Venables Says He Is Happy His Hard Work And Sound Principles Are Being Recognized

The CEO of this company, Mark Venables, spoke of his delight that the efforts of him and his team have been recognized with this award. “I know exactly what we are trying to achieve at Capital Exits and I am glad that all the good we are doing is being recognized. I have an excellent team of people who share the same values and principles of the company and this is a very proud moment in our history”.

Mr. Venables is right to be proud of this accomplishment as it only adds to the rising reputation his company is gaining.

Why Did Capital Exits International Ltd Win This Award?

To understand why this company won this award, a good place to start would be knowing a little background on the company and what they stand for.

Mark Venables was recently asked to explain why there was such a buzz surrounding his company and the acquisitions that they have delivered on. He replied “Capital Exits engage with a low number of clients per year and we have a 98% success rate. Our success comes from being sector selective and only engaging with companies we are sure will sell”.

This impressive conversion rate speaks for itself and highlights the effort they put into every single client.

Why Are They Beating The Competition?

Another thing you have to do to win such a prestigious award is to beat off the competition, therefore naturally the question needs to be asked, what makes such a company stand above the rest?

Well if you head over to their website you will see that they clearly set out their philosophy. They promise that they will use no salespeople, remain small and focused, provide honest and transparent advice, and additionally they offer workshops to educate their clients.

The main thing that makes them stand out from the crowd appears to be the attention they put into every single client they have. This might surprise you but this company only engages with a maximum of 10 clients per year. This means that they can put all their attention into giving their clients the best service possible.

The Response To The Pandemic

Almost every business in the world has been affected by this recent pandemic and during these times of uncertainty, it is important to keep a cool head. Mr. Veneables in the past has referred to “the need for not being afraid to take calculated risks in times of adversity”. 

One of the reasons why this company has been able to achieve success during these difficult times is exactly because they have remained true to the principles that they have always had. Because they have always been focused on the principle of quality over quantity they are not so reliant on a high turnover like other businesses would be.

What Does The Future Hold For Capital Exits International Ltd?

The future looks extremely bright for this boutique business broker. They intend to adhere to the same principles that have led them to get to this point and now their work has been recognized with this prestigious award you can only see their business and reputation growing.

If you are thinking,how can I sell my business, you need someone you can trust and I would suggest that there are very few business brokers that have the reputation Capital Exits International Ltd have at the moment.