Tarrytown NY Self Storage Units Cedar Lined Locker Closet Climate Control Launch

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Westchester County’s leading self-storage company has launched an expanded range of units. Cedar lined climate-controlled units are now available. No credit cards are needed to book online.

Tarrytown Self Storage has launched several new storage sizes suitable for various storage needs of residents in Westchester County, New York. The company has expanded its range of storage units at numerous locations throughout the county.

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The launch of differently sized units is accompanied by a new convenient booking feature that allows tenants the ability to book a unit online. Also, they can book without human contact or the use of a credit card. The company will come and pick them up and a moving truck is available for use when a unit has been secured.

Tarrytown Self Storage has a variety of self-storage units that include units ranging from a small locker unit up to the large 7 ft. X 10 ft unit. The company also boasts new units located in their three-story facility located in the heart of the village of Tarrytown, under the “H” bridge. This facility provides several self storage amenities that are unique in Westchester County.

These unique amenities include storage units lined with cedar that serve as a closet guaranteed to prevent mildew and moths. These units are ideal for storing seasonal clothes, shoes, delicates, and bedding. These storage units provide all the benefits of a cedar closet without the expense and hassle of building one. Tarrytown Self Storage’s onsite experts will assist with everything needed to transform these units into an offsite cedar closet.

The new storage units give tenants exclusive access to the unit so they can feel secure about the safety of their belongings. All the new units have motion sensor lighting that keeps costs down by turning the lighting off when not needed. However, once a motion sensor is tripped, the fixtures provide clear, high-density illumination throughout the corridors and for rooms being accessed.

The new units all feature private, tenant-only accessible storage. Each unit is durable, clean, and secure and comes with easy glide roll-up doors that provide access to each unit. Once inside tenants find the steel walls and concrete floors a perfect template to organize their belongings.

Most of the expanded range of storage units now being offered have climate control and provide a moderated temperature that protects the tenant’s belongings by avoiding extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels throughout the year. These units are ideal for books, musical instruments, and antique furniture that can be harmed by extremes in temperature.

Tarrytown Self Storage’s launch of new sizes and shapes of storage units give area residents a variety of options when considering storing their belongings.

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