Top Trends in the Gaming Industry for 2020

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( — September 16, 2020) — It seems the years just keep growing busier and busier as time moves on, and this statement has never held more true than it does for the gaming industry, where each month seems to bring up a whole host of trends, advancements in tech, and new titles that steal our hearts (and time). 

With just a few short months left of the year, it pays to look back at some of the biggest successes of 2020, and to review what, exactly, has continued to drive the gaming industry forward. Read more about the top trends in gaming this year, below. 

eWallet Solutions for Online Gaming

As with any online payment, ensuring that your money is being held quickly and securely as it passes from you to the gaming site has – and always will be – one of the most important factors for any avid gamer to take into consideration. eWallets have proven particularly popular with gamers visiting online casinos, who choose to use payment services with iDebit in order to make the entire process run smoothly. 

The Continued Rise of Streaming

Streaming really began to take off around the early 2010s, when game streaming sites like Twitch started to make headway within a vast and diverse market. Now, in 2020, the popularity of livestreaming our gaming sessions shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it regularly houses more than one million players at any moment, and ever more gamers are creating profiles in the hope of reaching out to prospective audiences. 

The Growth of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality may be taking longer to make significant headway within the world of mainstream gaming, but it has managed to find a staggering variety of applications within multiple industries, such as architecture and designer fashion. What’s more, there remain plenty of promising releases on the horizon for the world of VR, and there is plenty to suggest that VR isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Introducing: Cloud Gaming

Of course, one of the greatest boons for the gaming industry in 2020 is the upcoming release of a new era of gaming consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, for instance, offers players a fantastic new feature wherein games can transition seamlessly from console to mobile, creating an incredibly versatile new method for gameplay.

5G and Mobile Gaming

In a similar vein, the current roll out of 5G – a mobile network capable of speeds approximately five times greater than the current capacity of 4G – ensures a new realm of possibility for mobile gamers. Rather than feeling locked to the television set or PC, gamers will be free to wander across the world and enjoy the best games at their leisure with 5G gaming, without the same limitations imposed by a network that simply can’t handle the speeds we need for a seamless experience. 

Nostalgia for Pre-Loved Titles

Despite the fact that we have seen a vast array of new and exciting titles make it onto our shelves, it appears that a nostalgia for past trends and favourites continues to drive the industry forward. Remastered titles are continuously being released and announced, and 2020 was no different. 

From the TBC release of a new and improved Pharaoh: A New Era, to Final Fantasy VII, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Super Mario 64, this year has provided yet more proof that – despite all the technological advances we have seen over the years – we can’t quite seem to let go of the past. 

We are now well into the final quarter of 2020, but there are still plenty of landmark releases and developments to look forward to. From a new era of console gaming to revivals of some of the most beloved titles of all time, 2020 represents a significant milestone for the gaming industry.