Best Ways To Heal Your Hair

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( — October 3, 2020) — Hair damage is more than just split ends. For the most part, hair damage is permanent because hair is actually a collection of dead cells, making them beyond repair. The only real cure is time, a pair of shears, and taking steps to prevent new damage. So can you really go from dry, brittle hair to smooth, shiny locks? The answer isn’t always clear cut. Your only bet for damaged hair repair is to take time and make sure you are taking the following  steps:

How to ease existing damage

  1. Use Olive Oil

  • This common cooking oil is also extremely popular for hair care. It can  help rehydrate the hair and smooth the cuticle. Olive oil, in particular, is said to help soften the hair and replenish much needed moisture.
  1. Use Color Safe Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • These products are formulated with the proper pH to help your hair stay healthy. They  allow the dye to leak out. The color in your hair will last longer, and your hair will look and feel better.
  1. Bleach Less Frequently or Not at All

  • Bleach will always damage your hair to some degree. The less you do it, the better. No way around this one.
  1. Lower Temperature On Your Heat Tools

  •  one of the biggest mistakes people make is setting the temperature too high when styling hair with heat.
  1. Handle Wet Hair with Care

  • Hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet.The potential for damage accelerates if your wet hair is fine, curly or fragile. So handle with care at all times.
  1. Trim Your Split Ends

  • Hair will begin unraveling from the bottom up, leading to a dull, broken, frizzy mess. To prevent split ends before you get them, keep your hair limber and strong. You don’t have to cut much at all, let your stylist simply cut the ends to keep your hair healthy, strong and un-frayed.
  1. Get Professional Treatments

  • I know it could get expensive but sometimes doing it yourself just isn’t enough to keep your hair healthy. It could get so damaged that youll have no choice but to see a professional hairstylist.
  1. Don’t Let Your Hair Get Thirsty

  • Dry hair is the main cause of damage and hair breakage because if your hair doesn’t have the optimal level of moisture it will become brittle and fragile, just like your skin. So make sure you keep your hair moisturized. Try using hydrating shampoos, conditioners, leave in products and masks.
  1. Shampoo Wisely and Well

  • Use shampoo formulated for damaged hair. Stick with shampoos that use all natural ingredients to help heal your damaged hair.
  1.  Embrace Leave Ins

  • Leave in hair treatments and conditioners tend to work around the clock to protect your hair.  Like most hair products, leave ins can be matched to your hair type.

Following these steps could be the best way to heal your hair. Don’t take any of these things for granted. You don’t want to end up with badly damaged hair that you could have easily avoided. Take these precautions and find yourself waking up everyday to a soft, healthy head of hair. It’s better to properly care for your hair before any damage occurs, that way you ain’t running around like a madd woman trying to figure out how to repair your damaged hair!!!