The Pagan Temple of Thor and Odin Found in Norway

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( — October 16, 2020) — Nordic mythology plays a huge role for Scandinavians and most recently the pagan temple of Thor and Odin were found after a very long time in Norway.

This discovery was made in the town of Ose. The traces of a pagan were discovered by archaeologists which dates back to the 8th century. It is really old. According to scientists the measurements of the site are 14 meters long, 8 meters wide and 12 meters high. It is not a surprising fact that a temple was built to worship the gods.

Such traces previously were only identified in Sweden and Denmark when we talk about Nordic countries. Soren Dinhoff who is a very famous Norwegian archaeologist noted that Nordics started building such structures in the 6th century. Previously they held rites outdoors.

The temple was built on the model of early Christian churches. Ceremonies were held according to the religious calendar. Food and precious offerings were offered to wooden figurines installed in the room, which represented the Norse gods – the god of war Odin, the god of the storm Thor and the god of fertility Freir.

Scientists suppose that the discovered temple could have been demolished in the 11th century when almost all pagan buildings were destroyed or burned in Norway. 

We will remember you that in the past month the sword of the Viking was also discovered in Norway.

Popular figures in Nordics

Thor and Odin are both probably the most popular deities in Nordic mythology. They are widely featured in pop culture and have established themselves as very popular figures. We can remember Marvel’s movie Thor, as well as the TV show Vikings, where Odin also features. Their reach has gone beyond pop culture and the gambling industry, which is rapidly developing in Norway are also featuring Thor and Odin in their games. It is not the first time various gambling operators are trying to use various channels to attract more customers and such marketing proves to be very effective. At the same time Norsk Casino Online, which is a website for publishing various guides about games and companies, has this very interesting design where Nordic gods are depicted. Thor and Odin are also one of them.

Few things about Thor and Odin

Thor in Norse mythology is a red-haired and red-bearded god of thunder and lightning, son of Odin, and goddess of the Earth. The very name of Thor comes from the German word “thunder”.

In northern myths, Thor is famous for his extraordinary power and many battles with various giants, from which he protects Asgard (the abode of the gods) and Midgard (the world of men).

He is married to the goddess Sif, the owner of gold hair, which she received in exchange for those who cut off her god Loki.

Odin is the supreme god in German-Scandinavian mythology, the father and leader of all deities, the son of Borr and Bestla, the grandson of Buri. Sage and shaman, a connoisseur of runes and fairy tales (sags), king-priest, sorcerer-warrior, the god of war and victory, patron of the military aristocracy, master of Valhalla and lord of Valkyries. His wife is Frigg.

According to the German-Scandinavian eschatological myths, on the day of Ragnarok Odin will be killed by the monstrous wolf Fenrir.