Health Authorities Now Recommend Eye-Soothing Tips for Computer Users

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( — December 22, 2020) Orlando, FL — Today, quite a number of people spend most of their time facing their computers. Health authorities have long been warning against the effects not just of having a sedentary lifestyle, but also the detrimental impacts of staring too long at the computer on eye health. 

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, too much screen time can lead to problems such as eye strain, dry eye, headaches and insomnia.

A recent study has shown that an average office worker actually ends up spending 1,700 hours in front of a computer screen every year. 

Dr. Dianna Seldomridge, says that eyestrain can be frustrating. But it usually isn’t serious and goes away once you rest your eyes or take other steps to reduce your eye discomfort.

Dr. Seldomridge is clinical spokesperson for the academy.

It is important to take the measures found helpful in preventing eye issues, and one is to simply keep the screen at arm’s length. It is also beneficial to use a matter screen filter as this decreases the glare that worsens vision. 

“If these tips don’t work for you, you may have an underlying eye problem, such as eye muscle imbalance or uncorrected vision, which can cause or worsen computer eyestrain,” Seldomridge adds.

In strengthening and protecting eye health, experts also stress the importance of nourishing the eyes with nutrients. These nutrients particularly include B vitamins, such as B6, B9, and B12.

It is worth realizing that these B vitamins have long been reputed to work wonders in delivering a range of healing effects. Their deficiencies are even associated with the onset of certain symptoms and health issues. 

Experts say that a combination of these B vitamins can reduce the levels of homocysteine, which may reduce inflammation. It is important to realize that inflammation has long been reputed to be detrimental to eye health.

In a clinical study in women, it has been found that intake of these nutrients inhibited the development of some of the world’s most common eye health problems.

Another B vitamin called riboflavin has also been found beneficial for eye health. Experts say it has exhibited its remarkable potential to decrease oxidative stress in your body, including your eyes.

Niacin, which is a B vitamin, serves as an antioxidant that could work wonders in preventing the onset of eye health issues like glaucoma.

More research studies are still underway to learn about the extent of eye health benefits of B vitamins. However, their use has long been highly recommended.

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