Stress Reduction Flow State Energy Alignment Method Lifestyle Program Launched

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A new program has been launched utilizing The Energy Alignment Method to improve focus, gain clarity and reduce stress. Participants experience life changing benefits within a few days on average.

A new wellness and self improvement program has been launched called Fear To Love. It features a unique self help technique and energy alignment method, alongside transformational affirmations with a focus on helping both women and men take control of their life.

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The new program positions members in the right space to find more peace, calm, clarity and certainty. The focus is on creating a sense of being grounded, stable, safe and secure especially in these uncertain times.

Anyone participating in the program will learn how to use The Energy Alignment Method ® to release stress and anxiety. Through completing the Energy Experience, participants can find significant reductions in feelings of stress, overwhelm and frustration.

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is an internationally recognized complementary therapy created by award winning coach, inspirational speaker and international best selling author Yvette Taylor. It has a simple five-step self-help technique designed to shift energy, thoughts and emotions to increase clarity and decision-making.

Described as a bridge between science and spirituality, EAM is founded in over 20 years of working with energy medicine, law of attraction, and traditional Chinese medicine. Included in this unique blend is kinesiology, neuroscientific research, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and positive psychology.

EAM is based on research from the HeartMath Institute and Resonance Science Foundation. In their own studies into the methodology data shows that 78% of those who sign up for the new program experience a significant shift in their mental health, sense of wellbeing and life within a few days.

Yvette explains that with all the developments and issues people are facing in the world today, it’s easy to see how people have elevated stress levels, feelings of depression, powerlessness and overwhelm. As a way to combat this, they have experimented with creating the flow state in terms of using EAM with over 50,000+ people worldwide.

They stated: “Other studies have shown that when working, team members or top executives who were in their receptive state were five times more productive than those who were out of flow. You’ve probably seen this; you get much more done when you’re in a good mood, have clarity and focus. This state of flow affects every area of your life, it is more than just productivity at work. We’d all become more productive, have more clarity and a better sense of inner wellbeing if we increased our flow state by just 20%. We’ll show you how you can use EAM so you can increase it a whole lot more.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.