Alexei Orlov: A Quick Professional Overview of a Leader in Brand Management

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( — October 29, 2020) —

Alexei Orlov is the founder and CEO of internationally-renowned MTM Choice Worldwide, a Boutique Holding Group. Orlov made the choice to create and begin running MTM in 2017. He had worked in the global marketing and international business leadership industries for over 20 years prior to stepping out on his own. MTM Choice has international offices in Milan, Shanghai, and London as well as offices in New York and Los Angeles in the US. 

Four agencies: Local Projects, Camron PR, NOM, and Sub Rosa make up MTM Choice servicing more than 120 clients across the globe using its own proprietary technology. More recently, in 2018, MTM Choice Worldwide managed to raise $30 million after two acquisitions and is seeking more acquisitions.

Alexei Orlov created each agency to specialize in relevant cultural, social, and audience intelligence, content creation and experience design as well as production, media deployment, and creative strategies. Orlov is a proven expert in international brand tactics and strategy, operational change management, and marketing deployment. He has worked to receive immense achievements in global marketing. 

Before starting MTM Choice Worldwide, Alexei Orlov was a top-level consultant to the CEO and Chairman of DAS, an international division of Omnicom Group. He also served as the Global Chief Executive Officer of RAPP: Core Dialog Worldwide. Alexei’s highly acclaimed global branding reworking was what saw that company back to creating profit after he joined the firm in 2014.

Orlov also created the marketing and brand positioning for all of the Volkswagen Brands portfolios across ASEAN and Greater China. He was also jointly responsible for the commercial triumph that was Volkswagen’s significant regional business when he was working as part of the company’s core executive team.

As a global brand communications director for Volvo Cars and a marketing director for Volvo UK, it was the second-largest national sales company for the entire Volvo Corporation. Additionally, Alexei Orlov was the owner of two other successful businesses that also specialized in brand strategy, MCW and ROCQM. He was also the youngest executive to be appointed to a director position when he worked as a marketing director for Avon Cosmetics Retail Europe.

Alexei discovered his ultimate passion for branding and communications work as a founding member of the Paperchase Retail Group, 

Along with his passion for branding and communication, he’s very interested in operational leadership powered by teams that are both happy and dynamic. This combination has led him to receive many prestigious awards, including CMO of the Year by the World Brand Congress.

Currently, at MTM Choice Worldwide, Alexei Orlov is also a trusted advisor to several different companies across the world. In this role, he coaches and helps leadership teams to work through any possible challenges, from operational to brand and communication.

Orlov put together a very eloquent Ideamensch interview recently. Here are some of those highlights:

Alexei Orlov on beginning MTM Choice Worldwide, “To be honest, I have been talking about the “moments that matter” for about five years now. In fact, I always say to clients who listen: “If it does not matter to those who matter for your business, then it will not matter, and nor will your business.” The choice is the reward, and people like us will talk about us and recommend us. The certain and defining proof is whether they choose your business above and beyond others. And so MTM Choice became our name to remind us that everything we do must have profound relevance for a changing world and marketplace.

Alexei Orlow on succeeding as an entrepreneur, “Don’t gather people who are as good as you, find people who are better and nourish them. And never make assumptions.

The founder of MTM Choice Worldwide’s main strategy that has helped him grow his business, “Not just identifying a market opportunity, but seeing how we could be a great practitioner within it to make a difference. I know what I want to achieve, but I leave room to pivot. From directions in strategy to financing the operations to building my exceptional team, I have allowed myself to step up, step down, sprint, walk and sometimes stop to make fundamental turns that whilst very difficult at times were absolutely required. That means accepting that I don’t always get it right, but also not allowing myself to be whimsical. There are lives and reputations at stake in every business. In the absence of a plan that makes you feel resolved, pause just a while longer.”

Alexei believes in nurturing and allowing qualified talent the ability to thrive in the best environment possible. He believes that the ability to participate in a profit plan is the best way to jeep the talent you want. Smart, capable people need to be engaged beyond just their work. Orlov has always felt that attracting talent and allowing them to participate in the planning and thinking of the wider enterprise is more than just democracy in action especially if they bring different and valuable perspectives to the table.

Alexei Orlov has sewn together an incredible professional life of success and progress spanning several decades and across many continents. MTM Choice Worldwide continues on a trajectory of innovative success and it will be very interesting to see how Orlov’s work will shift the marketing and brand management landscapes in the years to follow.