Winnipeg MB Home Buyer Service Timeline Downpayment Advice Report Released

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Bo Kaufmann has released a new report, which advises people in Winnipeg of the main areas and a corresponding timeline which they should consider when looking at buying a home.

Winnipeg realtor Bo Kaufmann has released his newest report, which aims to give people a timeline of key advice and information they should consider prior to buying a home to ensure they are in the best buying position prior to their purchase.

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The report from Bo Kaufmann gives readers a detailed insight into the main areas they need to prepare when buying a home, such as working on their credit score, saving for a down-payment, and choosing a real estate agent. By explaining these areas, the report gives readers the benefit of better chances and opportunities when it comes to buying a home.

People looking to purchase a new home often don’t consider how far in advance they should start preparing their finances to give themselves the time they need to get everything in order. Without being prepared, people can risk having issues further down the line and the additional stress of organizing and resolving any problems they encounter. Bo Kaufmann’s new report is aiming to help people know what they need to prepare, along with a recommended timeline for buying a home.

In the current real estate market, people need to consider saving for a minimum down payment for purchasing a property. For this reason, Bo Kaufmann begins his report by explaining the benefit of saving for down payments as far as two years in advance of buying a home. The report advises this saving should be done with a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, which allows the holding of savings and investment assets.

The report also aims to explain to prospective home-buyers that they should obtain a credit report between six months to a year before their purchase to ensure they have time to repair any issues with their credit. A bad credit report can impact the home buying process, and even when issues have been resolved, they can often take several months to be reflected in an individual’s credit score.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bo Kaufmann has been working in Canadian real estate full-time since 2007 and aims to help people buy houses and condo in and around the Winnipeg area.

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