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( — November 9, 2020) DARIEN, CT — Have you started to feel a burning sensation in your legs and feet? Have you had your blood sugar checked and found it to be on the high side? You may have what is known as peripheral neuropathy. If you are diabetic some people call it diabetic foot pain. The nerves stop communicating with the brain. If you are old enough to remember the loud beep you would hear when you left the phone off the hook, in a sense that is what the brain is doing in cases of peripheral neuropathy. The brain is looking for sensory feedback that it is not getting from the nerves in your feet. The longer it goes without sensory input the greater the pain will become.

Neuropathy@CoreHealth specializes in a modern approach to treating peripheral neuropathy. One treatment that most people overlook is oxygen therapy. Typically, your well-meaning doctor will take out their prescription pad and write a script for gabapentin, Lyrica, or Cymbalta. These drugs are usually for seizures. Their side effects include weight gain and brain fog. So what are your options?
The first thing you need to do is to educate yourself. Neuropathy is rarely an orphan symptom. It is most often a result of diabetes or from exposure to toxins like chemotherapy. What happens in the nerves need three things to work properly. The nerves require oxygen, glucose, and proper stimulation. All of these critical requirements are necessary for the nerves to function properly. When they don’t you can expect balance issues along with numbness, burning, searing pain in the feet and hands. The feet and hands are furthest from the heart and will be affected by neuropathy.
Oxygen therapy has been helpful to stimulate angiogenesis which is the production of blood vessels. It stands to reason that increased blood flow with more blood vessels will tackle oxygenation issues faster. Then it is easier to address glucose issues to further healing. When nerves are deprived of oxygen Lyrica and Cymbalta are ineffective. Neuropathy over a long period of time.
Oxygen therapy provided by Neuropathy@CoreHealth uses a special method to deplete oxygen levels. Hold on you might think this is bad. What happens is that the brain is looking for 02. After several minutes of exercise, the person then receives a jolt of 02 with a super concentration. This stimulates more blood vessel creation. Now the body is able to repair and heal at a faster rate reversing many of the painful symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. Some people will opt for hyperbaric 02 therapy, and yes this is an effective method of oxygen therapy but way more expensive way to help with neuropathic pain.

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