YouTube Sales Strategies For Online Businesses Launched

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A YouTube channel has been launched by an online marketer to help business owners achieve growth. Robin Palmer explains many people use social media but forget about the video-based channel.

A new YouTube channel has been launched by a successful online marketer in a bid to help online business owners achieve business success. Robin Palmer explains he has been able to earn a regular steady income each month by working remotely online.

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The newly launched YouTube channel offers practical insights and proven business strategies to help people achieve financial freedom and long-term success on their own terms rather than through a traditional nine-to-five corporate job. More details can be viewed at

Robin explains that YouTube videos are ideal for people who are camera shy or prefer not to be on screen as there are lots of video styles that can form part of a sales strategy. For instance, he says product or service reviews and existing videos that can be repurposed under ‘fair use’ policies can be edited to include advertisements.

Alternatively, Robin explains focusing on niche areas such as psychology, luxury, financial, meditation, or scary videos is one way to increase views, visibility, and potentially revenues. Robin explains that while many people focus on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, many marketers, freelancers, and business owners fail to recognize the opportunities offered by YouTube.

Monetizing videos can be considered a sales strategy and business opportunity explains Robin. He says to monetize videos on YouTube people need 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time, and to join the YouTube Partner Program.

He adds this is not hard to achieve and while 4,000 hours of watch time may feel like a challenge for new online business owners, it can be achieved with a comprehensive strategy. For instance, Robin says people need to regularly upload videos and once they reach the 30-33 mark, they will likely notice a difference in their stats.

A representative said: “Business owners are encouraged to check their stats regularly to ensure they are growing and improving from where they started. Focusing on the analytics will enable business owners to learn whether their content needs optimizing or whether they need to upload more videos.”

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