How You Can Be Healthy and Still Enjoy Wine

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( — December 8, 2020) — You can now enjoy wine without the high sugar content or calories.  There is now sugar free wine.  There are many people who consume too much sugar, as much as 17 teaspoons a day.  This can cause many health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.  Eating a healthy diet is one way to stay healthy with exercise.  For those that are on a diet or have diabetes, this is the wine for you.  Comes in many flavors.  Something for everyone that enjoys a glass of wine from time to time.  Maybe out or at home watching your favorite movie. If you have a fireplace it makes it even cozier to enjoy and not feel like you are losing the taste of sweet wine.  If you want a glass of wine, then the sugar free one is the way to go.  You will get your favorite taste of wine without worrying about how much sugar you are taking in and being unhealthy.  A couple of wines that are very high in sugar are Lambrusco and Moscato.   You want to stay away from them if you’re concerned about sugar intake. The amount of sugar daily should not be more than 25 grams.  A glass of red wine has 0.9 grams of sugar so this would be a possibility to keep sugar down.  Or just go to sugar free wine. Wines that have low alcohol also have low sugar.  Make sure you read the labels on the wine bottles to see what the contents are.  A dry white wine has less sugar than all other wines.  Brut wine is very dry.  The word brut means dry.  These have less sugar and the sweeter wines have a lot of sugar.  Another wine that you can enjoy that is healthy is the red wine Pinot noir.  Pinot noir has the antioxidants that can lower the risk of stroke, cancer, and heart disease.  Also red wine can help with your teeth.   The ingredient in red wine can help keep away tooth decay and gum disease that has become a big problem recently.  The Pinot noir also has a lower sugar level before it is fermented.  This wine will have less calories than other cabernet wine.

The best place to get low sugar or sugar free wines is a small farm wine maker rather than a commercial liquor store.  Sauvignon Blanc Dry Wines are the better wines.  They are low in carbs with 2 grams and very low sugar.  This would be the healthiest version to buy if you are in the mood for a glass of wine.

Sugar free wines cause less weight gain and less headaches than your typical wine with lots of sugar.   Wines with a lot of sugar are a problem when getting up in the morning.  You will feel tired and have a hard time functionally throughout the day and also a bad hangover.  Who really wants that?  Then you have the issue of not being healthy, gaining weight, and being out of control. This can cause you to be unhappy with yourself.   You know it is not healthy.  Not drinking a lot of water and drinking wines with a lot of sugar can cause dehydration and that is not healthy at all.  The best sugar free wine is dry wines that are fully fermented.  They have the lowest carb count.  These are little or no residual sugar.  Usually 1 gram per liter.  This is the healthiest way to go if you want that glass of wine.   Just make sure to stay healthy and pick the right choices for you.