DC Online Sports company Launches FUN COVID-FREE Kids Superhero Tennis Course

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The local Washington DC sports education platform Tennis Central Corp has launched the Superhero Tennis School, a virtual, at-home tennis course for parents and schools with children aged 3-8.

Tennis Central Corp, a sports education platform located in Washington DC, has launched the Superhero Tennis School, an online, interactive tennis course, ideal for parents and schools looking to keep children aged 3-8 active and entertained at home while coping with the COVID-19 Confinement and virtual learning restrictions.

More information is available at www.superheroschool.us

Instead of traditional tennis classes, which focus on repetition and teaching the key shots, the newly launched Superhero Tennis school engages kids’ imaginations and uses creative methods to improve their skills long term. The expert tutors at the Superhero Tennis School believe that getting children excited to play through story telling and interactive engagement will encourage them to learn faster and be more focused.

The exercises can be completed in small living spaces, require no specialized or expensive equipment, and are appropriate for children of all abilities, from rookies to experienced players. The award winning, virtual development program was created to improve tennis skills through dynamic and creative approaches that engage kids’ sense of imagination and excitement.

Specifically, the team of Certified Child Development Master Coaches at the Superhero Tennis School use costumes and fantasy adventures to activate children’s imaginations and encourage them to enjoy physical exercise. The online tennis program is designed to be completed in 3-6 months but can be taken at a slower or faster pace.

The course includes ‘superhero challenges’ which are 3-5 minute daily short stories designed to help children learn a specialized range of tennis techniques. Through this, they create muscle memory and learn key skills without getting bored or frustrated. Moreover, children collect a unique badge for each challenge they complete, which they can add to their superhero badge book.

Every player aged 3-8, or ‘superhero in training’, receives this superhero badge book in the mail, in addition to a special graduation badge upon completion of the course. The new course also includes a parent’s guide for each chapter, encouraging people to support their child’s development and suggesting coaching tips, weekly schedules, and equipment lists.

The course targets specific skills including strength, control, rally, and throwing-based exercises to teach kids forehand, backhand, and volleying techniques. The Superhero Tennis School experts estimate than when engaged in a dynamic, entertaining way, children learn four times faster, compared to on-court, group lessons.

In addition to motivating kids to get physically active, the high quality sports education course aims to improve confidence and coordination outside of the tennis court. The recently released Superhero Tennis School course contains over 120 skill-based superhero videos using proven teaching techniques.

In addition to parents, this course is perfect for organized groups looking for a safe, enjoyable sports program as the Superhero Tennis School offers a special option for schools that includes unlimited student enrollment.

All Schools in the Continental US and around the world are encouraged to request the Holidays School Special at superheroschool@tenniscentral.net.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-202-478-9655.