California ETP Grant For Employers Women Of Color Consulting Services Launched

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A career consultant is pivoting her entire company in an effort to support small businesses and women who have been negatively affected by the pandemic with grants and coaching programs.

Career advisory firm Donna Dean Coaching & Consulting Services (DDCCS) has announced its pivot to specialized services that aim to address the financial impact of the ongoing pandemic to small businesses and women of color.

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DDCCS founder and president Donna Dean is offering California-based businesses professional assistance in claiming the state’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) grant. Her company also plans to provide support to women and women of color ages 30 to 55 who are struggling with unemployment and mental health issues owing to the present crisis.

For businesses, DDCCS offers the ETP employer grant consulting program targeted at companies with 75 or more employees who earn no less than $15 to $17.50 per hour. This program can help businesses qualify for a grant worth up to $200,000, which they can use to provide necessary skills training to their staff.

Interested business owners will have to establish the need for training and retain the prescribed number of employees for a minimum of 90 days, while in training, to receive the sum. The grant also requires employers to provide a minimum of 20 hours of work per week for each personnel.

The final step is to name DDCCS as the business’s consultant and partner through a virtual meeting. DDCCS said that it will handle the administrative part of the application, and all the client needs to do at this stage is to claim the check for the grant.

For women and women of color, DDCCS provides one-on-one coaching sessions facilitated by licensed mental health professionals. These sessions tackle a number of pressing issues, such as job loss, depression, isolation, lack of motivation and direction, fear of the future, and other mental health challenges.

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In an earlier feature by Yahoo Finance, the company discussed the need to address mental health issues, which were caused by the hardships brought about by the economic downturn. According to the company, black women are “disproportionately affected” by the events of 2020, and women, in general, could be set back by half a decade.

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