Decorating the Macarons – the Easy Yet Impressive Methods

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( — December 16, 2020) — If you have a sweet tooth that only activates with premium desserts, we are pretty sure that you would be in love with the macarons. Taking out the heavenly biscuit from the macaron boxes can be pretty satisfying because they aren’t only delicious, they are equally appealing. So, if you are dedicated to macarons, we are pretty sure that you love to bake them yourself too, right? In this article, we are sharing how you can decorate the macarons!


Be it the cakes or cupcakes, sprinkles are the ultimate choices for everyone who needs to add life to the dessert. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sprinkles are the simplest decorations out there and you can even create a combination of colors. In the case of macarons, it’s suggested that you use the small sprinkles because they shouldn’t take up the cookie, right?

With this being said, you can choose to use around one tablespoon of sprinkles for the dozen macarons because little really goes a long way. It’s pretty evident that sprinkles even look special. Also, you must use high-quality sprinkles and make sure they are fresh. As far as the right time is concerned, you can add the sprinkles after piping the batter on the sheet. 

Color It Up

If you’ve been eating macarons for a long time, you would know that macarons are meant to be colorful, right? So, you can add food colors to the batter and make them fun and interesting macaroons. With this being said, start off with two different battery colors and pipe each layer of the colors. As for the color, you need to use the fresh gel food color because it can impact the baking outcome as well. 

Marble To Go 

For every macaron lover, colors are really important and marble won’t disappoint. This is because the watercolor and marble will curate the impressive method of baking colorful macarons. For this to work, you need to paint the piping bag with the desired colors and add the battery on top, along with the white battery. The best part is that you can experiment with different colors. All in all, the paint must mix up with the batter. 

Gilded Touch 

In case you are baking macarons and want to create an elegant appearance, nothing can be better than the edible gold leaf. However, this part will require you to fill up the cookies and only use the leaf for decoration. It’s suggested to choose the tweezers for tearing up the lead sheet and put it on the top. Some people only decorate the shell but you can cover it all. 


For everyone who cannot get enough of colors and taste, dipping is the right choice. The dipping won’t only add color and texture but it improves the taste as well. For instance, when you’ve filled up the cookies, just dip them in the candy melts or liquid chocolate. You can always get creative with colors because color combinations are really endless.