Dog Christmas Festive Gift Bone Shaped Stockings For Treats And Toys Launched

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WG Wholesale Inc has launched a new bone-shaped stocking to give dog owners a means of including their canine companions in gift-giving activities over the festive period.

WG Wholesale Inc has recently released its new two-pack Christmas bone-shaped stockings for dog owners wanting to make sure their pets are involved in the Christmas festivities.

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The newly released product from WG Wholesale Inc aims to give dog owners a pair of Christmas themed stockings that they can use for gifting presents such as treats and grooming products to their canine companions for Christmas. The bone-shaped stocking gives people the benefit of having a stocking that matches the rest of the family’s while also being unique for their dog.

Pet owners often see their animals as part of the family and try to include them in as many family activities as possible. However, for the Christmas period, hanging a stocking for each family member is a tradition that many still follow but is often neglected for pets. WG Wholesale Inc is aiming to help make sure pets are not forgotten when it comes to this festive tradition with their new bone-shaped stockings.

The bone stocking from WG Wholesale Inc was designed for the benefit of easily fitting in with other festive decorations with Christmas colors and patterns that suit a room’s style. Furthermore, the stockings have a hanging feature, which, along with their bone-shape design, makes the stocking look unique when creating a fireplace arrangement of stockings for each family member.

For all of their bone-shape stockings, WG Wholesale Inc uses long-lasting, high-quality burlap, and cotton materials. These features mean that the stockings are washable and reusable to give pet owners the benefit of stockings that can become part of yearly Christmas traditions, just like the stockings used for the rest of the family.

WG Wholesale Inc also aimed to give the bone-shaped stockings space for multiple gifts to be placed inside with a size of 16.5 inches by 10.2 inches. The dimensions allow for a variety of treats, toys, and grooming items to fit inside the stocking. Furthermore, the design aims to allow for dogs to learn to remove the gifts themselves so they can take part in opening their own presents at Christmas.

The bone-shaped stockings come in a set of two, and a recent review of the product said, “Looks great. Just as expected and a little bigger than I thought they would be. Very happy with the purchase.”

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