Personalized Nutrition Testing Fitness Coaching For Optimal Health Launched

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A fitness and wellbeing coach based in Iowa has launched a personalized fitness program designed to help people make positive changes from their nutrition to stress management and sleep quality.

An online fitness and well being coach based in Bettendorf, IA has launched a new personalized nutrition testing and fitness coaching program aimed at people who want to make positive lifestyle changes now or in the new year.

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The newly launched program from Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim is designed to help people make sustainable long-term lifestyle changes to help them regain their health and confidence. Pam explains she teaches people about the importance of nutrition, fitness, quality sleep, and stress management to help them achieve their goals.

Optimal outcomes and results in both body composition and overall health and wellbeing are the primary aims of the program. However, Pam explains she creates tailored plans based on the requirements of her clients, whether they want to lose weight, improve their training performance, or better understand nutrition.

Individuals of all ages and fitness levels are encouraged to join the program as Pam can create modified workout plans for those recovering from illness, injury, or disease. As well as coaching people to help them develop long-term healthy habits, Pam also acts as a motivational coach.

She aims to inspire people to work their hardest and not give up. For instance, she refers to Fridays as ‘Fitness Friday’ and adds that although people may have worked hard all week, Friday is no time to slow down or lose momentum. She explains that finishing strong is as important as starting strong.

Goal setting is a key aspect of the program as Kim explains the process involves her clients thinking about what they want to achieve and then mapping out the steps required to reach their target. She adds that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART).

A spokesperson said: “Up until now, nutrition and fitness programs have offered a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, leaving some people with fantastic results while others were left feeling as though they had failed once again. That is a thing of the past with nutrition and fitness DNA testing – it is time for you to start working smarter, not harder.”

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