Fox Ridge WI Chiropractor Frozen Shoulder Treatment Massage Services Launched

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Apex Chiropractic is now offering an updated range of frozen shoulder pain relief treatments to patients in Fox Ridge, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area.

Apex Chiropractic, a chiropractic care practice in Madison, Wisconsin, announced the launch of an updated range of frozen shoulder treatments. The practice serves patients in Fox Ridge, West Madison, Stonefield, Meadows, Middleton, and many more.

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The newly launched frozen shoulder treatments at Apex Chiropractic aim to help patients effectively heal from frozen shoulder and improve their quality of life.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that involves stiffness and pain in the shoulder. Other symptoms of frozen shoulder include difficulty doing everyday tasks, lack of mobility, and difficulty reaching arms overhead.

After diagnosing the root cause of the patient’s pain and discomfort, Dr Kamen and his team at Apex Chiropractic will create a chiropractic treatment to eliminate the symptoms. They offer chiropractic adjustments that restore the normal joint mechanics, increase the range of motion, and improve the strength of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.

In addition, the team offer long-term guidance and maintenance to ensure that patients prevent their symptoms from returning.

Dr Kamen is Certified Advanced Proficient by Dr Jay Holder who developed the TRT analysis of the spine. The TRT technique focuses on improving nervous system tone to provide pain relief.

The experienced chiropractor also has many different techniques to treat patients suffering from frozen shoulder. These techniques depend on what stage of frozen shoulder patients are in and the severity of the pain and stiffness they are suffering.

Whether patients are struggling with pain from a structural issue, injury or overuse, the team at Apex Chiropractic have the experience and the state-of-the-art equipment needed to help them recover as soon as possible.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr Kamen is incredible. His commitment to wellness shines through from the minute you walk in his front door, to your initial exam, to explaining your future care plan. I would highly recommend Apex to anyone experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort.”

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