Fairfax County VA Flotation Tank For Home Affordable Wellness Services Launched

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Dreampod announced that their new Dreampod Home Pro is now available for clients in Fairfax County, Virginia, who are struggling with chronic pain and stress.

Dreampod announced the launch of the new Dreampod Home Pro for clients in Fairfax County, Virginia. This home sensory deprivation float tank can help those who experience chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental conditions.

More information can be found at https://dreamfloat.convertri.com

The newly launched Dreampod Home Pro aims to help customers become healthier, happier, and improve their quality of life.

Floatation therapy, also known as isolation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy, was created for people who do not have time to rest and eliminate stress. It offers a gravity-free environment where one can ease the harmful, cumulative effects of stress.

This type of therapy is especially beneficial for those who struggle with insomnia and sleep problems, arthritis, muscle strains, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

In addition, float therapy can strengthen the immune system and improves cardiovascular health. The weightless environment also allows one’s spine and muscles to stretch and realign themselves, thus aiding relaxation and recovery.

The Dreampod Home Pro sensory deprivation float tank is completely safe to use at home. This tank features an automatic filtration system and a combination of two different disinfecting agents.

The floatation therapy tank is also more spacious than most tanks in the market in order to provide maximum comfort. However, its physical footprint is the same size as some of the smaller tanks that are currently available.

The production for the Dreampod Home Pro can take up to 60 days. In some cases, Dreampod can manufacture the floatation tank within 45 days.

A satisfied customer said: “The Dream Pod Home Pro has been great for me and my family. As a business owner with young kids who love sports, I rely on floating at home 5-8 times per week to calm my mind and also help my muscles recover from a full schedule and stress. I definitely recommend this affordable option to anyone that struggles to find time getting to a float center.”

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