Mountain View CA CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia Natural Remedy Launched

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Mountain View-based Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD, a company specializing in natural remedies, announced the launch of an oil remedy for sleep and insomnia named Relax. Shipping is available to most US states.

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD, a Mountain View-based health and sports remedy product seller, announced the release of Relax – an oil developed to help people suffering from sleep deprivation.

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The product aims to help more adults get the recommended seven hours or above of sleep per night, something that over a third of people aged 18+ in the US struggle with.

Relax is produced in the US and made from organic products certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Product bottle sizes are 1,000 milligrams, and doses are in drops. The oil has also been tested by third parties to ensure its safety.

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD ships products via priority mail provided by the US Postal Service (USPS). Monthly recurring purchases are also available for shoppers. The company does not serve OFAC markets, and deliveries to Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota are also not currently supported.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35% of adults in the US do not get the recommended 7+ hours of sleep each night. Those aged 45-54 especially struggle, with 39% suffering from a lack of rest.

Relax is one of three products sold online by Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD. A topical cream named Soothe, designed to help with muscle recovery, is also available. Similar to Relax, Soothe is made from USDA-certified organic products.

The online natural remedy seller also sells a separate sports rub, which is targeted at professional and amateur athletes. This, as well as Soothe, is also third-party tested to ensure compliance with US consumer standard regulations.

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD offers free shipping when buyers spend above a certain amount. Other offers, such as mix-and-match multi- buying, are also available. The company’s online store supports various payment methods, including VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard.

Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD was founded by Dr. Gregory Dabb, a chiropractor in Los Altos, and Cory Schwaderer, a patient of his when they met. After meeting, they chose to form a company offering therapeutic products for others. The two now serve buyers across most states in the US.

Commenting on Relax, Dabb said: “As modern American life becomes more stressful, many adults’ sleep has been affected for the worse. This has stopped them from doing their jobs well, maximizing their time with their families, and their overall life satisfaction has dropped.”

“We created Relax to help adults across the country switch off naturally and help to improve the quality of their sleep. We aim to help customers feel rested and recharged so they can improve their daily productivity.”

Readers interested in finding out more about Relax and the other Dr. Dabb’s Everyday CBD products can do so at the website mentioned above.