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Forever Living Products has released natural exclusively formulated Omega-3 supplement Forever Arctic Sea® and metabolism boost Forever Therm™.

Forever Living Products, a company manufacturing and selling a wide range of health and wellness products globally, has released two new supplements, Forever Arctic Sea® and Forever Therm™.

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Forever Living believe good health begins with good nutrition, and understand that busy lifestyles can make it difficult to meet nutritional needs. The newly-released products add to the company’s range of supplements, designed to offer ways to incorporate proper nutrition into busy lifestyles to achieve optimal health.

Forever Arctic Sea® is a perfectly-balanced Omega-3 supplement aiding functioning of the brain, heart, and vision. The new, exclusive formula provides a simple way to incorporate a daily intake of unsaturated fats into the diet.

Misconceptions surrounding dietary fats can cause people to limit their daily intake. However, while in excess, saturated fats can contribute to bad cholesterol, unsaturated fats are essential for optimal health, particularly vision, brain, and cardiovascular health.

Forever Therm’s exclusive formula, aimed at boosting the metabolism during a nutritional and/or sports program, contains green tea leaf extract and B Vitamins. Scientific studies suggest epigallocatechin gallate, found in green tea, helps to boost metabolism, while B Vitamins are important in cell metabolism and supporting immune and nervous systems.

Since its founding by Rex Maughan in Arizona in 1978, Forever Living has grown into a multi-million dollar company selling a wide range of products globally. Products are thoroughly quality-checked and inspected at all stages of the manufacturing process. More information can be found at

A satisfied customer said, “Forever Arctic Sea is a very good quality fish oil… easy to swallow… Also not smelly at all.” Another said of Forever Therm™, “I take this when I am working on trimming the body fat. Two a day combined with workout and proper nutrition is the help needed to be ahead.”

Detailed information on the ingredients and benefits of the two newly-launched supplements can be found on the company’s website, along with their full product range, health and wellness blog articles, and information about the company’s manufacturing process, by following the links above or at