Mike Giannulis Talks About How the Scaling up Process Is Easier for Software as a Service

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(Newswire.net — February 19, 2021) — If a business tries to increase its revenue by adding extra resources with a simultaneous increase in expenses, the most probable result is stagnant growth. Growing is merely not worth the financial gain; what a business needs is a proper strategy to scale a business.  

The Scaling Process for Different Companies

Scaling involves reaching more customers, increasing the value of the company and the profits. Many companies operating in several fields are good at growing but not scaling, and vice versa. 

  • For instance, services companies mostly have a problem with scaling their businesses as they need new resources to work for each client they serve. 
  • On the contrary, some companies can scale better than others. Software companies do not find much difficulty while scaling their business since they sell their offerings to more customers at a less significant added expense. 
  • Furthermore, software as service companies are highly fortunate to imbibe the scaling process as they can pay up the minimal cost to service the long-term customers who pay for their services every month.

Mike Giannulis States the Essentiality of the Customer Acquisition Cost

Even though software as a service company has leverage in terms of scale compared to others, they cannot create profits out of thin air. The cost of adding a new customer to the list is almost negligible. However, Michael Giannulis puts light on the concept that the expenses related to getting that customer to purchase your offerings are substantial. As a result, the customer acquisition cost is one of the critical metrics that affect such firms’ scaling prospects. The cost of sales and marketing is the real marginal cost for such companies. Scaling for software as a service company means lowering customer acquisition expenses. 

Soaring in the Technical Aspects  

Software as service companies is excellent at scaling from a technical perspective. Such companies sell highly specialized offerings to their customers. Moreover, their clientele is mostly limited to niche audiences in particular fields, including healthcare and automation. Since such a target audience is hard to reach and incurs a high level of brand loyalty, it creates a sense of leverage for these companies.

However, they find it challenging to maintain their expenses related to customer acquisition. Since the clientele is unique, they need to spend significant capital on marketing to reach new buyers, which results in high acquisition costs. Fortunately, most buyers are long-term customers, offering high customer lifetime value. This value makes the acquisition cost reasonable over time, permitting the company to scale up higher.

Use Technology

Software as a service company can use technology to make things easier for them. By investing in technology, they can easily attract customers; lower the acquisition cost, and effectively scale up the business. Companies can gain colossal scalability with much less labor if you invest wisely in useful technological advancements. 

System integration is essential for all businesses to attain scalability. To gain and augment effectiveness, a business owner of software as a service company can use the above factors to meet their business scaling goals positively.