Travel-Size Hand Wipes Alcohol-Free Portable Sensitive Skin Sanitation Launched

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Barber Upp has launched portable hand wipes, Hand Pops, that allow customers to stay sanitary while traveling or at restaurants. The towelettes are alcohol-free and safe for all skin types.

Online retailer BarberUpp has launched its new Hand Pop hand wipes that allow customers to keep their hands or surfaces clean while they’re on-the-go. The portable towelettes are soaked in an alcohol-free solution that is safe for all skin types.

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As the current pandemic continues to sweep the globe, practicing hand hygiene while traveling, eating, or attending public gatherings is increasingly important. The newly launched Hand Pop hand wipes aim to provide a convenient and simple way to stay sanitary without applying harmful, skin-drying chemicals.

While frequent hand washing and using alcohol-based sanitizers are effective in preventing disease transmission, these methods can be harsh on the skin, especially for individuals with inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

BarberUpp’s Hand Pop hypoallergenic wipes are made using a signature antiseptic formula that leaves skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and clean. Each towelette unfolds into a full size of 10 inches, allowing for easy cleaning of any surface.

Each wipe is moistened during use in order to maintain its structure and freshness. To apply the wipes, customers simply press down on the package to activate absorption of the formula and wait for a few seconds until the towelette is fully soaked and ready to use.

The mini hand wipes are conveniently packaged to fit in any small space, including purses, pockets, luggage, and gym bags. Unlike most hand sanitizer bottles, the Hand Pop wipes are TSA-approved for air travel.

The naturally-scented towelettes are made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, making them eco-friendly and recyclable.

BarberUpp’s Hand Pops are available in value packs of 24 single-use, antibacterial hand wipes. The company offers simple risk-free returns for customers who are not fully satisfied with their purchase.

A satisfied customer said: “These Hand Pop hand wipes are really fun to use – they ‘pop’ and then rise up. They’re a pretty good way to encourage kids, and adults, to clean their hands around food. The lemon scent is subtle and pleasant, not harsh or overwhelming.”

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