3 Essential SEO Services for Small Businesses

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(Newswire.net — March 1, 2021) — Singapore has around 5.7 million residents and about 3.4 million of them are Singapore citizens. The country has four official languages: Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English, and English is the lingua franca. ECommerce is the buy-and-sell of products on the internet. This new business platform has boomed in recent years, turning everyone into a business owner. And this is a good thing, especially if you want to monetize your hobbies and passion. More and more people purchase products and avail services online. Even for consumers who prefer visiting brick-and-mortar stores, they search on the internet first. A level playing field indeed for small or large businesses, private owners, and start-ups. However, with the extensive reach that it offers, there is an equally vast number of competitors. 

You can get ahead of competitors by incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) strategies into your website. With an SEO agency in SIngapore, you get professional assistance in establishing your brand and getting loyal customers. They are experts in lead generation, customer study, and other eCommerce services.

People always say modern problems require modern solutions. Digital platforms need innovative marketing services. As small business owners, your focus is bringing in potential customers and increasing conversion rates. Here are the most common SEO services for your business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is targeting the words that are relevant to your audience. It is a foundational part of the whole optimization process. It is connecting your audience’s needs to what your business can offer. For example, imagine you are an independent interior design company. The common keywords between you and a potential customer include design, home decor, and renovation. So your strategy will include building content around these keywords. Remember to look for synonyms, too, such as refitting or redecorating. Also related words like furniture or construction.  

Generally, one or two keywords integrated into your content help boost your site rankings. 

Some factors you can consider in a keyword are its commercial intent. Terms like home design “services” or interior design “firms” will promote your business. The search rates or competitiveness of a keyword also matter. Meaning how frequently your audience uses these words in searching for queries. For instance, “redecorate” is a more searched term than “makeover” or “refitting”, etc. You may use the most common keywords. But using the ones with the lesser competition is a great idea too. This way, you have a higher chance to rank in the top five or ten of the search results for that specific word. 

Page Creation and Optimization

After comprehensive keyword research, you will create new pages to incorporate those keywords in. After all, pages are what appear in the rankings for informational or commercial sources. A common practice is using no more than two keywords. Then, ensure proper placement of these targeted words on a page. 

When creating pages, long and comprehensive ones have a better chance for people to find valuable information. Of course, produce unique content. High-quality images and relevant links help too. When people are engaged in your website, there’s a higher chance of ranking in search engines. 

Research your topics and see what content type ranks most. This type of format is what people are looking for. For example, the most favoured format for How-To searches is videos. Some eCommerce websites have several pages about product reviews. Many require a comprehensive and informational long blog post, such as in health and educational services. Search engines like Google understand this user preference and rank them accordingly. 

In other words, create valuable content about your business. Depending on an overall strategy, an SEO agency in Singapore might include variations of each. 

Technical Audit

Search engines are still computers and may need some clues to understand your site. This means providing further details about your website’s content. It’s like feeding meta information to search engines. You can consult SEO professionals as they are well-versed in such algorithms. 

Business or eCommerce sites require technical SEO the most because its nature requires more pages and content types. Your small business will greatly benefit from a technical audit as it prepares your site for optimum scannability when it comes to crawling.