Scientists Now Suggest Aerobic Exercise Programs Are Beneficial Following a Stroke

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( — March 8, 2021) Orlando, FL — Exercise has long been identified to be one of the best techniques to ward off various conditions. However, in a study it appears that it is also beneficial in times of recovery after stroke. 

This research was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, which is the Open Access Journal of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

According to the study findings, stroke survivors who were able to complete group-based aerobic exercise programs significantly enhanced their aerobic endurance and walking ability. It is worth mentioning that these were programs similar in design and duration to cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Health authorities warn that in the United States, stroke occurs every 40 seconds. It is further worth learning that for every 4 minutes, someone is found to die due to this condition. 

Statistics further show that around 87 percent of all strokes are ischemic strokes. Yearly, stroke costs about $34 billion, and this includes the costs of health care services, medicines to treat stroke, and missed days of work.

Experts also say that almost 1 in 4 individuals have had a previous stroke. African Americans have been found to have the highest death rate due to this condition.

Still in the United States, it remains to be the top cause of disability. Doctors usually prescribe physical therapy to improve physical impairments carried along by a stroke. 

According to Elizabeth Regan, DPT, physical therapy we currently provide to patients after a stroke focuses more on improving the ability to move and move well rather than on increasing how far and long you can move.

Regan is study lead author, and Ph.D. candidate in Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina.

“It doesn’t matter how well you can walk if your endurance level keeps you at home,” she adds.

Exercise is undeniably helpful for various health purposes. It is also particularly helpful when combined with the right diet. There are also natural remedies that could work wonders in helping fight stroke and its various undesirable health effects.

Probiotics have been scientifically found helpful. According to experts, studies have shown that there is a link between the brain and the gut. 

Scientists have long revealed that probiotics are good bacteria in the microbiome, which consists of 100 trillion little microbes that live inside your gut. Further, the microbiome has a nervous system of its own, which is called the enteric nervous system.

It is where it communicates with your brain through the gut-brain axis. Experts suggest that individuals with a healthy gut tend to also have a healthy brain, and this helps in cases of stroke. 

Probiotics may be obtained from fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, tempeh, kimchi, and miso. Formulas like Divine Bounty Digestive Enzymes may also be helpful.

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