Woodstock GA Google Ranking Expert Local SEO Digital Audit Services Launched

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Towne Lake SEO in Woodstock, GA, is announcing the launch of their localized, complimentary web audit services to help fine-tune commercial website rankings and improve lead generation.

Woodstock, GA digital marketing agency, Towne Lake SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is announcing the launch of its localized, complimentary web audit services to help fine-tune commercial website content. Bloggers, e-commerce professionals, and service providers who depend on favorable search engine results to attract prospective customers and targeted audiences can turn to Towne Lake SEO to have their content assessed for both ranking performances and lead generation capabilities.

More information can be found at: https://www.townelakeseo.com

With Google introducing Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor in 2021, the team at Towne Lake SEO says page experience metrics should not be ignored. The launch of their complimentary website audit service helps businesses understand current content performances.

Reports indicate websites that rank at the top of Google’s search results have a 33 percent chance of being clicked. Seventy-five percent of search engine users say they don’t click on sites that show up on the second page or beyond.

The team at Towne Lake SEO is reminding business owners that search engines exist for the benefit of the consumer. Their priority is to deliver value to their users by ranking websites that best match search bar queries. Words used in the query are known as keywords.

To help entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations achieve digital visibility and attract qualified prospect customers via Google, Bing, or Yahoo, Towne Lake SEO pays close attention to keywords and a number of other markers within website content.

Websites that are configured to register favorably with web crawlers – bots that systematically crawl the internet for the purposes of indexing websites – have a much higher chance of ranking toward the top of the first search page.

Conversely, websites that haven’t been configured to perform on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) automatically become obscured within a saturated search engine environment, which can lead to lost business.

The launch of Towne Lake SEO’s complimentary web audit services for local businesses helps uncover potential content errors that impede lead generation. By providing individuals, companies, and organizations with the tools and strategies required to optimize organic reach, the chances of meeting established goals without relying on costly online advertising can improve significantly.

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