Zuzume International Calling US Phone Plans No Hidden Fees App Service Launched

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Zuzume has announced its phone services to give residents in both US and Canada an affordable means of making international and domestic calls to keep in contact with family around the world.

Zuzume has recently launched its new service, which offers people living in the USA and Canada a cost-effective means of making long-distance international and domestic calls to stay in touch with loved ones worldwide.

More information is available at https://zuzume.com

The newly launched service from Zuzume aims to help people stay in contact with relatives with a range of plans that allows them to make both international and domestic phone calls without needing to worry about PINs or hidden fees.

During the current global pandemic, it has become more challenging to stay in touch with loved ones due to social distancing as well as the increase in travel restrictions. Additionally, when making long-distance phone calls to keep in contact with their family, people may find that the associated fees can be a costly expense, which further reduces their contact options. Zuzume is aiming to help people find an alternative with their free domestic and international calling plans.

The service plans available from Zuzume give residents of the USA and Canada the benefit of making free calls to people in over 80 destinations worldwide, as well as for domestic calls, using data or wifi connections. Furthermore, the company offers two call plans that aim to give people the option of finding a service to suit their needs.

The Zuzume calling plans include their PayGo option that people can add minutes to whenever needed, as well as an Unlimted Global Plan which benefits from a flat rate of $15 for international calls over a 30 day period. Each of the plans can be used to call both landlines and mobile phones and aim to provide crystal-clear sound quality.

Zuzume’s services also benefit from being available through the use of an app that can be downloaded on both android and ios devices as well as through online browsers. The Zuzume app aims to make calling loved ones an easier process with no PIN number to remember when making calls as well as features such as speed dialing and accounts management.

In order to help people stay in contact with their loved ones, Zuzume is giving people the benefit of a $2 trial account that offers free calling for both domestic and international long-distance calls.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://zuzume.com