Monrovia CA Healing By Design Launched For Spiritual Interior Design And Decor

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The Color Whisperer, available at 626-485-6354, launched updated energy-based design services that aim to create an environment that heals a client’s suffering through color, light, and textures.

Jeanette Chasworth, also known as the Color Whisperer, has launched updated interior design services for homeowners in Monrovia, California. Jeanette’s spiritual decorating technique helps to create a home that reflects each client’s personality and energy.

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Emerging psychological evidence has pointed to the drastic effect of colors on an individual’s moods, behaviors, feelings, and relationships. The newly updated design services aim to heal and inspire clients through the use of colors, as well as light, shapes, and textures.

With over 20 years of experience as an interior designer, Jeanette draws inspiration from a client’s lifestyle, tastes, and experiences to effectively incorporate the power of color into their home.

Using her unique method, Jeanette creates personalized, transformative designs that bring out the best of her clients’ environments.

Jeanette’s Healing by Design package begins with a home review in which she identifies the issues within a client’s residence and provides possible design solutions.

She then performs a thorough energy clearing to eliminate any negative or stagnant energy from the home. The process is completed with three follow-up sessions that aim to rid the environment of any remaining blocks.

Prior to booking Jeanette’s services, clients can schedule a 30-minute complimentary whispering session in which she can explore their design and healing needs.

Due to the current pandemic, Jeanette now offers a virtual quarantine redesign program that guides individuals through the home transformation process.

In addition to her interior design services, Jeanette offers 1-hour design therapy sessions, as well as integrative healing work for the home and body.

Since 1996, Jeanette Chasworth has helped individuals suffering from loss, trauma, and other afflictions transform their homes into a sacred space.

A satisfied client said: “I wanted a sophisticated, elegant look that I knew I couldn’t achieve on my own. Hiring Jeanette saved me a great deal of time and stress. Jeanette is pleasant and easy to work with and grasped the essence of my taste very quickly.”

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